Dairy and Gluten Free Cheese ?

Any one have any ideas, I ve tried a few cheezy I think it is and it just isn't cheese,, is there anything that can be a good substitute. thanks

Chef_canarylegs, Feb 27, 1:05 am

Goat milk cheese such as Feta.

Also Bulls Milk (Water Buffalo Milk) is made into cheese, look at this link.

Chef_valentino, Feb 27, 1:18 am

What sort of cheese are you wanting?

Chef_frances1266, Feb 27, 1:20 am

anything im missing it a lot its been a month now and I cant get things to replace it, I would like to eat pizza

Chef_canarylegs, Feb 27, 3:04 am

Gluten Free Cheese ?


Chef_illusion_, Feb 27, 3:07 am

the gluten isn't as hard its the dairy that is hard to replace

Chef_canarylegs, Feb 27, 3:09 am

Google vegan blogs, heaps of dairy free cheeses there.

Chef_frances1266, Feb 27, 5:01 am

Do you have a blender? Here are two recipes for vegan mozzarella - both pretty much the same (one uses fresh garlic, the other garlic powder, etc). I haven't tried either, but like the look of the second recipe though, as it has nutritional yeast in it, which gives a cheesy flavour.

http://www.onegreenplanet.org/vegan-recipe/how-to-make-fresh-vegan-moxarella-cheese/ http://itdoesnttastelikechicken.com/2015/01/23/melty-stretchy-gooey-vegan-mozarella/

I've made my own vegan parmesan 'cheese' in the past, and it tasted really parmesan-y. I used a coffee grinder (or blender should do it too): grinding together 3 tablespoons nutritional yeast, 1 cup sunflower seeds, salt (to taste).

Chef_mjhdeal, Feb 27, 6:55 pm

Vegusto is very good and very expensive. I have made a goat's cheese dip from a site called Forks and Beans which is excellent. Also another site Maple Spice has good almond cheeses. Bryanna Clark Grogan's site Notes from the Vegan Feast kitchen has an excellent feta cheese recipe that I have made for years.

Chef_frances1266, Mar 3, 12:06 am

I've tried a few soy cheeses and they were pretty gross. I like sheep feta, you can crumble it on just about anything.

Chef_mousiemousie, Mar 3, 3:31 am

I should have said the goat's cheese dip is dairy free It is really good.

Chef_frances1266, Mar 3, 6:59 pm

How can a goats' milk cheese be dairy free? Did you mean free of cows' milk?

Chef_punkinthefirst, Mar 3, 11:12 pm

Meant free of dairy. Have bumped up the vegetarian thread. The recipe is on page 15 and it is very yummy.

Chef_frances1266, Mar 4, 1:53 am

Depends if you are avoiding dairy products due to lactose intolerance, then goats cheese or sheeps cheese is a good replacement.

Chef_arielbooks, Mar 4, 3:05 am

. so where does sheep or goats' milk come from? Almonds? Soy?
I'm not disputing that it is delicious, but "dairy" is a generic term for mammalian milk.
Edited to add - I just had a look at your recipe - no goats involved at all - so it isn't actually a Goats Cheese Dip.

Chef_punkinthefirst, Mar 4, 4:45 am

Yes I do know it has no goats milk etc. It is from a vegan site so it wouldnt contain milk from any animal. The OP asked for a dairy and gluten free cheese recipe and am sure this would meet with their approval.

Chef_frances1266, Mar 4, 4:54 am

yes it does thank u, I am going to try and make and also get some goat or buffalo 'cheese' to try. It is the lactose that I am trying to avoid as my throat pretty much blocks up full with mucus. I have had an op in the past and it got much better but it is flaring up again so doing dairy free again to see if it does make the difference and yes I think it does have a big effect on me, sadly :( miss cheese but will work on it

Chef_canarylegs, Mar 4, 5:31 am

Sorry, I was just confused!

Chef_punkinthefirst, Mar 4, 2:45 pm

Cashew or macadamia nut cheese - Google Pete Evans paleo

Chef_lindanz, Mar 4, 6:39 pm

Goats, sheep or buffalo milk are lower in lactose and many lactose intolerant people find it a more easily digested form of lactose

Chef_sarahb5, Jan 12, 5:06 pm