Immature Buttercups question

The next door neighbours chooks got into our buttercups twice and scratched them to blazes. I have grabbed the buttercups off the dying vines. Only one is a seasonable size so hope to freeze some of that one. I have four others, all small ranging from slightly bigger than a cricket ball upwards.

Any suggestions around - can I use them? What for? Relish? Stuffed? Or ?

Chef_rai5, Feb 23, 10:38 pm

rai5, as your buttercups are immature they IMO will have very little flavour. I suggest that you try cooking one of them then try it for taste and texture, and decide from then if the buttercups are really worth using at all - we have had immature pumpkins and they were absolutely tasteless and not worth using for anything at all :-((.

Tis very unfortunate that the chooks were able to get through to your buttercups - hope you get a few eggs from your neighbours to compensate for the misdemeanour of their 'girls'. :-))

Chef_245sam, Feb 23, 10:53 pm

Had me wondering for a moment

Chef_rainrain1, Feb 23, 11:46 pm

We have asked them to keep them on their side as we have had them destroy young rhubarb, cyclamen, scratch all the bark/compost from around the fruit trees (multiple times) and we are actually getting a bit brassed off. But so far no action and they still come through so we have brought some chicken wire to cover their favourite spots. No we don't get any eggs. Its very hard to be diplomatic.

Chef_rai5, Feb 23, 11:54 pm

Amaranthus I grow some with red leaves and use those but can the flower heads be used in some way/

Chef_thea4, Feb 24, 12:27 am

I wouldn't be happy. Takes forever to grow pumpkins! What a shame! I cant offer an advice but i hope you are able to eat some :)

Chef_holly-rocks, Feb 24, 4:56 am

Unfortunately your buttercups won't be very nice, Years ago we had a similar problem with a neighbours goat, 1st time it can over into vege garden sent it back and had a word with owner, he didn't really care, 2nd time it was sent back with a recipe for chevon (goat) curry under it's collar, my flatmate at the time was half Lebanese and had a lot of her Grandmother's recipes. Never saw it again, perhaps a recipe for apricot chicken or similar might help in your case. failing that speak to your local animal control at council they may have some suggestions

Chef_gbking, Feb 24, 5:11 am

Pickle them somehow

Chef_rainrain1, Feb 24, 5:46 am

Use them as a 'bulker' for soup?

Chef_samanya, Feb 24, 5:50 am


Chef_samanya, Feb 1, 5:14 pm

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