Melting Chocolate Question

sleyle, Jul 2, 3:21am
Wanting to make milk chocolate recipes, now I know that Cadbury's Old Gold melts beautifully but does Dairy Milk melt well?Would rather use this than compound stuff.Thanks.

marcs, Jul 2, 4:28am
I think all cadburys chocolate melt well if you do it right.

aimz_bj, Jul 2, 4:46am
Whenever I melt chocolate I add a little Kremelta

harrislucinda, Jul 2, 5:12am

sleyle, Jul 2, 5:43am
I have melted Dark Ghana chocolate before and it was fine, I was just wondering if the milk chocolate melts the same or not.

winnie231, Jul 2, 9:53am
Use Whittakers! The 33% Cocoa Creamy Milk is great to use for a lighter chocolate :)

sleyle, Jul 2, 9:39pm
Ok thanks for that winnie.

garfeild101, Jul 4, 4:41am
yep should be ok if you melt it in a bowl over the boiling water saucepan

buzzy110, Jul 4, 4:44am
I don't know about now, but before they changed the recipe and used palm oil, instead of cocoa butter, it used to be perfect for melting, etc. I think they have now changed their big blocks back to cocoa butter but as I don't buy it, I couldn't confirm that.

muppet65, Jul 4, 5:21am
definately use whittakers dark block for melting dont use anything over approx 70% ...its cheaper and better tasting

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