Roasting Pork.

kaddiew, May 15, 2:05am
Paknsave had NZ Pork Shoulder Roasts on special, but they were all too big for me. One of their butchers found me a smaller 1.2kg piece from out back, but I see it's labelled Leg Pork Fillet (bone in).

As I rarely cook pork I've no idea of the various cuts, so could someone tell me the best way to cook this? Thanks!

mouse265, May 15, 2:36am
you treat fillets of pork the same as a shoulder

kaddiew, May 15, 2:49am
Thanks. I wasn't sure if the 2 different names meant all that much.

sarahb5, May 16, 8:56am
How do have a bone in fillet? Anyway, pork roast makes great pulled pork - good recipe on food in a minute website that my daughter made for Mother's Day

kaddiew, May 16, 9:00pm
I've no idea! That's the label the butcher stuck on it. I cooked as suggested, for pork shoulder, and it turned out like tough, dry overcooked chicken breast (aka shoe leather). Very disappointing. Think cooking pork isn't my forte.

Thanks for the link - looks delicious!

sarahb5, May 16, 9:27pm
That's disappointing - I usually cover smaller pieces to cook them. The smokey bbq pulled pork was definitely not dry - and great cold the next day for lunch too

fifie, May 16, 11:31pm
Try cooking your pork roasts in slow cooker.
Score skin well with sharp knife for crackling, slice onions into cooker sit meat on them, add cup water for extra gravy and keep meat moist.cook most day on low, dinner time when meat done remove pat skin dry with paper towel, rub with oil and sprinkle with salt put it into the hottest oven you can get for 20-30 minutes to crackle skin watch it dosent burn, while happening turn cooker to high mix cornflour paste and some gravy mix into onions and juices to make a nice gravy.

porka1, May 17, 5:58am
Try not to overcook pork.Pigs are very quick growing usually only 18-20 weeks old when processed so are very tender but also dry out very quickly if cooked for too long.Pork cooked a little bit pink in the Centre is optimum for tenderness and taste .

smallwoods, May 17, 9:14pm
Just done a shoulder of wild pork yesterday.(no fat on it)
Oven at 150 from lunchtime to dinner.
Placed on a bed of onions, but forgot to put some liquid in (lol)
Got back from my pig run and ran into the house (had left my phone at home), could smell the burning.
Wife said "oh it's been smelling lovely all afternoon".
Pulled it out to find the onions black, not an ounce of moisture in there, turned over the shoulder and the bones just fell out!
Cooked to perfection, whew.
Did a quick dry roast veges and had a beaut tea.

kaddiew, May 18, 12:18am
Thanks for the comments/suggestions.

That makes me feel a little better about the failure, mjhdeal! I've been cooking meat (except pork) for almost 50 years, and was bummed I didn't get this right.

molly37, Jul 27, 11:17am
I put my Pork shoulders in the crock pot. No fluid for about 10 hours. Yum.

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