Homemade chicken nuggets

action351, Jan 25, 7:39pm
I roll my chicken pieces in mayo or sour cream then cover with panko breadcrumbs. Put on baking tray and drizzle over a little oul. Perfect.

wheelz, Jan 26, 8:28pm
Using yoghurt or buttermilk as a marinade ensures succulent chicken.
To spice it up a little, add a few dashes of Tabasco to it.

sla11, Jan 27, 2:08am
All sound really yummy, will try! I used to feed my kids Sweetbreads cooked in breadcrumbs until son read the packet in the freezer and they were off the menu! He'd always thought they were chicken!

245sam, Jan 27, 2:22am
Nowdays chicken would be the cheaper option. Sadly sweetbreads are like so many other once really low-cost options e.g. lamb shanks - they've either become trendy or are being exported, so they're either expensive or not so readily available or both.

Many years ago my now late Dad used to work at/for meat works so all those items were both readily available and cheap and were fairly regular items on the menu when we were growing up. Once old enough we knew what they were and apart from tripe which I never liked, all of us (6 including M&D) ate and enjoyed them all. With sweetbreads Mum usually served them in a white sauce which was my preference although other family members also liked them crumbed and fried which I personally found to be too rich. :-))

janeny1, Jan 13, 9:18pm
Tried this last night after a friend told me about it. Much easier and quicker way to crumb your diced chicken breast.
Put chicken in a bag or bowl and coat with natural yoghurt. Mix dried herbs (I used Tuscanny seasoning) and toasted breadcrumbs together , . She adds a little parmesan cheese to the crumb mixture but I didn't. Add to chicken in bag/bowl and combine well. Chill in fridge for a little while, Then place onto oven tray and bake at 180C for 25 minutes,
I also baked wedges at the same time.
I served these with a little sweet chilli sauce mixed into sour cream . YUM

sarahb5, Apr 20, 1:41am
I just spray mine with oil and sprinkle with panko breadcrumbs, parmesan and any herb blend I happen to have around - lemon pepper and cajun mixes are also good. The parmesan makes the coating crispier I find.

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