Substitute Peanut Butter With Apple Sauce

carter441, Feb 5, 12:20am
As odd as it sounds, I am wanting to substitute Peanut Butter with Apple Sauce in a biscuit recipe. The recipe calls for 1/2 cup. Do you think a direct substitute would work? I'd be grateful for your thoughts.

lilyfield, Feb 5, 3:06am
no., applesauce contains far more water. and no fat to no crispen up the biscuits

carter441, Feb 5, 9:45am
Hmm. That sounds like a fair and reasonable point! Thanks for your thoughts.

carter441, Feb 5, 9:16pm
Anyone else?

davidt4, Feb 5, 10:18pm
You can't substitute one for the other. Peanut butter is starchy and fatty, apple sauce is wet and fibrous.

Is this a wind-up?

carter441, Feb 5, 10:19pm
No it isn't!

frances1266, Mar 25, 4:14pm
I think you can do it for a loaf or cake but not biscuits that I have heard of.

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