Whats cooking for dinner tonight?

vintagekitty, May 2, 3:20am
I need inspiration, I have taken some rump steak out, but dont feel like that, so I took a chicken out, but dont feel like that either

May have to go out for dinner. .

What are you having? !

elliehen, May 2, 3:50am
JACKet potatO?

Quick fifteen minute tarakihi (or any white fish) Fish Bake from Darryl Crimp, cartoonist and fisherman:
4 fish fillets
1 T grated ginger
1 T soy sauce
2 T olive oil
rind & juice of 1 lemon
1 T minced garlic
1 T mustard (any, whole seed is good)
1 T sweet chilli sauce
handful basil or tender tips of rosemary

Arrange fillets in baking dish. Combine all other ingreds and pour over. Bake uncovered 200*C 10 to 15 mins.

Serve with something green and a crusty bread.

kabbo, May 2, 4:06am
im making a frittata. using up lots of left overs. so some roast pork, a bit of steak, pumpkin, peas, will add some onion and cheese.
im sure it will be tasty... ... . some sweet chilli sauce on the side too.

vintagekitty, May 2, 4:20am
mmm, they both sound really nice, but I feel like something else, but dont know what!

elliehen, May 2, 7:15am
vintagekitty, what did you decide on? I find the best course of action when you don't feel like anything at all is to ask someone else in the house to cook, and have a night off :)

cookessentials, May 2, 7:24am
Well, we had a nauthy dinner tonight and not one I would repeat in a hurry! although it was nice, we probably wont have it for another year or two. We spent the day out at Cape Palliser ( at the bottom of the North Island) saw the seals ( well, we smealt them before we saw them! ) then took the long staircase up to Palliser light house- the weather was beautiful and we could just make out the South Islad. We ended up buying fish and chips which we ate, out of the paper iwth vinegar and a little tomato sauce sitting in front of the fire.

lucy-and-ricky, May 2, 7:42am
Macaroni Cheese, cant be naffed making a full meal. Just tomato and onions, no bacon left :-(

books4nz, May 2, 9:15am
Sounds divine Cookessentials :-)

Leftovers here - cold roast lamb with fresh beans and lightly cooked sliced cabbage, and thin slices of French bread with home-made pesto - all the food-groups necessary and a delicious medley!

vintagekitty, May 2, 9:18am
we had boring steak, baked potato and salad. I wanted to go out for dinner, but thought $150 for dinner vs putting it towards house renovations, I cooked!

charlieb2, May 2, 9:42am
lol vintagekitty... when I came back from London about 20 years ago... that was my requested meal to have on arrival home... . its a classic

cookessentials, May 2, 9:44am
spelling is shocking LOl-hot the wrong keys and then forgot to check it. I have in the oven, a pear almond and marscarpone tart - will let you know what it's like.
The other thing we found while on the beach was a lump of very musky/fishy smelling "something" We THINK it mnight be ambergris ( which is whale vomit/phlegm Eeeeeeeewww) but very very valuable so we are going to get it checked out as it looks very like pictures we looked up on google. The piece of what ever it is would be about 30-35cm across - quite a generous piece, so it would be ovely if it IS the real thing as it is about $11 per gram -not sure what ours weighs, but probably around 2kg! - lets hope it IS ambergris. Will report back

elliehen, May 2, 9:58am
That's exciting! Please do report back.

vintagekitty, May 2, 10:01am
ambergris, whats that?

cookessentials, May 2, 10:14am
basically whale vomit - it is usually coughed up by sperm whales and protects it's stomach from squid beaks. It is used in the manufacture of perfumes etc and is worth alot of money

hezwez, May 2, 10:18am
http://webcache. googleusercontent.com/search? q=cache:zSzqc3y

sultana0, May 2, 10:20am
We had freshly caught (yesterday) trout smoked in a smoker I made and finished today

vintagekitty, May 2, 10:44am
eeww, eeeww, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww

elliehen, May 2, 10:49am
You might even have reporters on your doorstep and be on TV! That's what usually happens when a larger piece is discovered :)

cookessentials, May 2, 11:11am
will see if it's the real McCoy first LOL Ours looks more like this but roundish in shape

VK -it can be worth alot of money - about $11 per gram - I reckon it would be about 1 - 1. 5 kilos, so do the math! It has a slightly musky, animal type smell, but it is not an animal. I will take some photos of it tomorrow and send it to the perfume chalet as they deal in ambergris and will soon tell us if it is or not.

hezwez, May 2, 11:24am
I did, somewhere between $11, 000 and $16, 500. Sure would pay for your fish and chips dinner a few times over. I hope it's the real thing.

vintagekitty, May 2, 11:30am
omg, good luck, but it still looks yuk, good luck for the vomit. let us know

cookessentials, May 2, 7:16pm
Yes, lets hope so. It is probably described as phlegm and it "coats" any foreign bodies such as the sharp beaks from squid which are the whales favourite snack as they cause irritation too the whales.
It is quite fascinating to read about. Apparently, in the 1920s two boys found quite a large piece and it paid them out around $2400 which allowed them to buy their own farms! - that money back in the 20's would have been a huge amount. I am going to weigh it this morning and take some photos. Will let you know the outcome.

juliewn, May 3, 8:52am
Good luck Pamela. . :-). .

fisher, May 3, 9:13am
Hope it pans out for you cooky... if not can always put it in the garden as an ornamental stone right down the far end of the garden :}

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