Broken peach tree

niffer13, Feb 9, 8:19am
So sad my lovely peach tree is not looking 2 good. Storm broke main trunk. I might get 6-12 peaches if I am lucky. 3-4 buckets of green ones are on the lawn!
Can I use green peaches for anything?

standard, Feb 9, 8:29am
Stewing and bottling if they are not too far away from being ready?

niffer13, Feb 10, 4:29am
They are green & very hard unfortunately.

whitehead., Feb 11, 3:38am
pickle if they have enough meat on them comes to mind or mix with tomatoes and make a chutney with them with lots of onions in it

whitehead., Mar 9, 4:03pm
do paint over the broken stump so the bugs dont get in

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