Peach Nectar

taurus2005, Mar 11, 2:35am
Anyone know where I can get this from please. Can't find in the supermarkets. Thanks

indy95, Mar 11, 3:24am
Taurus2005, what are you wanting to use the nectar for ? You could just put a can of peaches through a blender or processor.

taurus2005, Mar 11, 7:51pm
Thanks indy, Brilliant idea. Want to make Bellinis at our next party.

coniproducts, Mar 11, 9:02pm
Try some of the fruit and vege chains too (Fruitworld etc), I know I have bought Mango nectar there before.

taurus2005, Mar 11, 9:47pm
Thanks coniproducts

suzanna, Oct 24, 9:12am
We use a cheap brand of peach schnapps which is flavoursome yet syrupy and sweet ... delicious. One of our favourite summer drinks. Enjoy.

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