Banana and peach jam

kiwikidd77, Mar 6, 8:20pm
Good idea or not?

Never tried making bananas into jam so wondered if anyone else has used bananas to make jam.

mivon, Mar 6, 8:28pm
add last 5 minutes

kiwikidd77, Mar 6, 8:35pm
OK and then continue as usual for jams.

terraalba, Mar 6, 8:40pm
When I have made jam with peaches, I have found that some varieties of peaches for jam fruit need a little help for setting and peach jam is one I've had a bit of trouble keeping. I did make a fruit salady mix with peaches and bananas, passion fruit etc once and put in bananas. It tasted fine. I would not recommend this as a jam you want to keep for a long time but I think I may not have cooked it as well as I should have. A small quantitiy used fairly soon and stored carefully should be alright. But I would definitely use a setting agent for peach jam.

puresteam, Oct 7, 8:13am
I put my peach jam in a ice cream container and place it in the freezer and just take out a small container to use and keep in fridge lasts all year I do most of my jams that way now except strawberry & raspberry

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