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battgirl, Nov 7, 2:14am
I've decided to make all the adults in our family homemade edible Xmas pressies this year. Think I've settled on various infused vodkas (in sexy bottles) for the younger adults, and truffles/christmas crackers for the older. but some don't have a sweet tooth so have found a lovely recipe for gruyere and hazelnut crackers. Question is, can anyone recommend a nice chutney that I could make to go with the crackers (will package up with a slab of fresh cheese)? I've never made chutney before so the simpler the better. Thanks in advance!

davidt4, Nov 7, 2:20am
Bread and Butter Pickle is wonderful with cheese and very easy to make. It is also ready to eat straight away unlike many chutneys.

Bread & Butter Pickle

9 small pots

1.4 kg peeled and sliced cucumbers
450 g brown onion, finely sliced
2 red capsicums, cored and finely sliced
40g plain salt (not iodised)
285 g white or raw sugar
40g yellow mustard seed
1 tsp celery seed
1 tsp tumeric powder
½ tsp ground mace
600 ml cider or white wine vinegar

Layer veges with salt, cover and stand 2 - 3 hours. Drain, rinse in cold water and drain again. Meanwhile put rest of ingredients in a preserving pan and boil 2 min. Add drained veges and bring up to a boil, stirring frequently. As soon as it reaches a full boil take off heat and pot in small jars and cover.

battgirl, Nov 7, 2:25am
But. but. there's no bread and butter in it!

Sounds very doable, although I'm not averse to doing one soon and letting it ferment/whatever it does.

Thank you!

kaddiew, Nov 7, 2:31am
davidt4 - if using telegraph cucumbers (which have thin skins and are quite cheap atm), could the skins be left on? They'd also add colour. Thanks!

battgirl, Nov 7, 2:49am

davidt4, Nov 7, 3:04am
Yes, I think Telegraph cucumber skins would be fine.

kaddiew, Nov 7, 3:10am
Thank you : )

battgirl, Nov 7, 3:13am

battgirl, Nov 7, 3:17am
I know three people at least who are getting candy cane infused vodka with a wee bag of white chocolate candy cane truffles attached to the neck now. This is going to be fun!

nauru, Nov 7, 5:29am
Battgirl, I have bookmarked this one as it looks good, I'm going to give it a try this year. I have some frozen cranberries as well as dried ones to use. Thanks for the link.

battgirl, Nov 8, 1:07am
Looks lovely doesn't it? Think I'm going to have a go at it tomorrow.

nauru, Nov 8, 10:24am
Would be interested in the outcome, let us know how it goes pls

southerngurl, Nov 9, 6:33am
Holy shitballs, Im making that!

battgirl, Nov 14, 11:50pm
Have bought my bottles. reckon this weekend I could be steeping candycanes in vodka.

battgirl, Nov 14, 11:51pm
Well I made it up and jarred it, but (perhaps foolishly) had a wee taste before I did and REALLY didn't like it. So very vinegary. but I figured you leave it for a month for the sugars to develop and it will be perfectly balanced in time for Xmas.

Can seasoned chutney makers confirm this for me please?

davidt4, Nov 15, 1:03am
Chutneys almost always need several months to mature and for the vinegar to mellow. I usually allow six months. Your chutney will be much improved by Christmas, but perhaps you can put a "best after" date on your labels.

This is the reason that I suggested Bread and Butter Pickle to you - it does not need to mature.

nauru, Nov 15, 5:41am
Ok, I've made a note of your findings for when I get around to making the recipe. You could put it back in the pot and add more sugar to balance out the vinegar. Reheat it gently until the sugar has dissolved and then bring to the boil and repot. I have done this in the past with another recipe and it improved the flavour. Admittedly chutneys are much better if left to mature but I have also used them straight away too.

waswoods, Nov 16, 1:44am
Oh excellent find! I have to do a Secret Santa for someone who is partial to a bit of alcohol and this is going to be perfect! Nice ribbon round the neck of the bottle and a few attached candy canes and it's good to go

dkpop, Nov 30, 7:14am
Onion and tyme jam is delish!

teddy147, Nov 30, 7:39am
I'm making and yummy salad dressing ( vingerette ) in lovely bottles for some of my family and took herb cuttings months ago and have them potted up.

uli, Dec 1, 3:11am
bump for home made Xmas gifts

skydancing, Dec 1, 3:51am
I googled the onion and thyme jam . going to make some myself. Looks yummy. http://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-onion-thyme-jam-147518

motorbo, Dec 1, 5:01am
looks yum, and perfect name to make for xmas


nauru, Dec 1, 6:37am
The Christmas Chutney in the link is really nice and so easy to make, I made a batch yesterday to give as presents with some cheese and homemade lavosh. I also added 2-3 tablsp tomato paste as I wanted a red looking chutney. I used smaller jars and got 8 jars from the recipe, I am adding a gift type card label rather that a sticky one and will attach it with sparkly curly ribbon. There was a little left which we ate with lunch today and it was really nice so I don't think maturing is a worry.

nauru, Dec 1, 6:44am
Have you got a recipe to share, pls? I would be interested in making some.

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