Old fashioned icing Easter eggs recipe/method

britten_crazy, Mar 24, 5:20am
About this time every year I start scouring the internet for recipes/methods on how to make icing Easter eggs but I've never been able to find anything. It has been a bit of a tradition in our family to have an icing Easter egg at Easter. The shops that sell them are getting few and far between, the quality isn't always the best and they seem to get more expensive every year). I'd like to learn how to make them myself. I've asked at several shops that sell them in case they make them on site (they didn't ) & have asked a blogger who seems to like all things Easter but it would appear she was too young to know what I was even talking about. Can any of you clever people help please? In case people aren't sure, this is the icing Easter eggs I want to learn how to make - Listing #: 862591065 .

greerg, Mar 24, 6:32am
You need an Easter egg form. I don't know where you get them but they are half eggs and my old ones were player. Then the eggs are hustler coloured royal icing piped in squiggly lines from end to end just touching each other. Leave to dry then hold two halves together and join them by piping round the join with another squiggly line. You can stick small icing flowers onto the upper surface with small blobs of icing. Leave to dry.

marob2, Mar 24, 7:38am
Many years ago my late aunt used to make us icing eggs. She used greased tablespoons as her mould and put some interesting goodies inside them,. She left the icing for about two days to set hard and after adding the goodies sealed them with another squiggly line,

britten_crazy, Mar 24, 8:21am
Thank you for the suggestions. A bakery who sold the eggs suggested Spotlight for the molds, yet to check them out.

schnauzer11, Mar 26, 2:11am
Very cool, will make my own. Thanks, posters.

harriss, Oct 26, 2:06am
I've had this recipe for years, have never used it but it was given to my Mum by a women who made the eggs to be sold in shops. She said the added acid was to make it hard, although I found ordinary eggwhite royal icing is quite hard when properly dry.
Easter Eggs:
Beat two egg whites and add icing sugar (about 300g or so) until thick.
Add 8 to 12 drops of acetic acid, flavour and colour.
Pipe over moulds,leave in a warm dry place to dry.
Use the same mix to join the halves together and dry again.

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