Piped Icing sugar easter eggs

mrs_murphy, Feb 27, 3:29am
Hi all does anyone out there remember these! I had these 20+ years ago as a kid and I would really like to make them but a brief search of teh interwebs hasn't yielded the result I'm looking for. If memory serves me correctly the eggs I remember were hollow made from what I think is piped coloured icing sugar paste usually two halved 'glued' together with white icing. If anyone out there can help with a recipe I would be very grateful. T.I.A.

cookessentials, Feb 27, 3:31am
I remember them, they were sugar crystals in a mould then iced. Not sure if anyone does them now.

margyr, Feb 27, 4:27am
I had one for years in the china cabinet, it had a little gift inside it. It was made of royal icing and I would say piped onto a mould and then joined together, it was wrapped in cellophane. Google how to make royal icing.

fifie, Feb 27, 4:34am
http://baking.about.com/od/easteregg1/r/panoramicegg.htmuse your own style of decorations, piped,purchased, or made flowers might help.

mrs_murphy, Feb 27, 5:58am
That's it! Thanks all very much :) Happy baking to me.

badams1, Feb 27, 6:04am
I made them for years. i have plaster of paris moulds but what i used to teach was using the plastic egg containers, that panty hose used to come in. using kremelta oil the outsides cover with royal icing basket weave tube.dry over a couple of days join together with royal icing.

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