help!! making easter eggs, how to make caramel?

watertank1, Mar 29, 8:26pm
How do i make the caramel for the inside of the egg? or any other fillings that you know of... . . me and the kids are making them to give away to friends. Thanks

harrislucinda, Mar 29, 8:48pm
you canboil acan ofcondensedmilkfor 3hrsbutkeep waterlevelsupthen allowto coolbeforeopeningorcaramelrecipefortheshort ckesbutmakethicker

pam.delilah, Mar 29, 10:14pm
go to trademe cooks website via this link php? f=15&t=695

there is a caramel and chocolate filling plus other ideas.

watertank1, Dec 16, 1:45am
wow that is very cool thanks alot! !