Uli or Davidt4 - Recipe Stuffed Hearts or Other

buzzy110, Sep 16, 3:05am
Hi. Do either of you have any good recipes for hearts? Particularly looking for stuffed and/or baked but any others would be great.


davidt4, Sep 16, 3:59am
Sorry, I don't. I've never recovered from my mother's stuffed heart, which was overcooked, leathery and horrible.

I've eaten grilled poussin hearts at a restaurant and they were delicious. I think they were just marinated and char-grilled.

buzzy110, Sep 16, 4:38am
Lol. I was spared my mother's hearts. She never cooked them. Cooked other offal though but we were never given her tripe. That was given exclusively to our father who loved it.

Do you have any decent recipes for sweetbreads?

davidt4, Sep 16, 4:59am
I haven't cooked sweetbreads in years. I vaguely remember that they need to be poached, cooled, skinned, floured and sautéed in butter, served with brown butter and capers with lemon, or maybe a salsa verde. Good luck! They are quite a lot of work.

uli, Sep 16, 6:24am
Have never stuffed a heart, as I always cut it up and sort out the interior before cooking :)

Usually I cook heart like meat with fried onions etc. Nothing special.

Except the other day (trying to empty the deep freeze for the next occupant) we had "Paprikash of hearts and livers" from Hugh-Fearnley Whittingstall. Amazing recipe - no-one had a clue that they were eating despised terrible meat cuts :)
http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2013/apr/19/offal-recipes-whittingstall or you could try this (haven't cooked it yet, but it is on the list): http://offalgood.com/2006/06/recipe-for-beef-heart/

beaker59, Sep 16, 6:31am
Our local supermarket often has cheap lambs hearts, I cube them and then marinate in what ever I have around usually garlic lemon and rosemary then on to skewers with some mushrooms shallots and what ever else suits and is handy then BBQ over charcoal kebab style. you want the lamb heart to be pink in the middle. they are delicious and well worth trying.

cleggyboy, Sep 16, 6:42am
I have stuffed lambs/sheep hearts with a standard bread stuffing and did them in the slow cooker.They were great.
Tried doing the same with an ox heart and it was terrible.

buzzy110, Sep 16, 9:11pm
Thank you so much for all your contributions. I am very grateful for your help.

fifie, Sep 17, 12:45am
Funny how things do a cycle. Used to slow roast stuffed sheeps hearts years ago have with gravy veg and mashed spuds, kids always asked for more chicken lol. Since told them what they ate they tell me they wouldn't eat that, old story cooked nicely makes a wholesome meal when meat is so expensive now.

buzzy110, Sep 17, 8:07am
Can you give me some tips on how you used to slow cook them please?

wasala, Sep 17, 8:12am
Oooh, my mum used to make the most yummy stuffed lambs' hearts in the crockpot. She also did a mean beef tongue in white sauce with parsley. That was boiled, I think. Shall I ask for her tips?

uli, Sep 17, 9:24am
yes do please.

fifie, Sep 17, 10:39am
Buzzy just used to use a herb stuffing stitched them closed, into a roasting dish with little fat, and cooked in the oven, my book says around 300F old temp, for about 2 hours or till cooked.Always got reasonable size ones as was feeding 5. Remember basting them often so they didnt dry out, and from memory thats what you had to watch. Today id use the slow cooker so they dont dry out, or cover in tin foil in the oven then take it off last 1/2 hr to let them brown up a bit.

buzzy110, Oct 18, 6:14pm
Thanks fifie.

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