National Lamb Day today

rainrain1, Feb 14, 7:54pm
Have you got your leg of lamb in the oven on slow roast, with garlic and rosemary?

samsnan, Feb 15, 2:25am
I have had my lovely leg defrosting on the bench already to go. A knock on the door and there is my lovely neighbour who went fishing yesterday with about 7 large fillets of fresh snapper. So the lamb gets put back in the fridge until tomorrow night as I would much rather have fresh fish.

kirmag, Feb 15, 5:09am
I havea big leg in the freezer that my MIL gave us, too big for just the 2 of us though. Will need to invite friends around to enjoy it too.

Anyone know how long they last in the freezer?

cleggyboy, Feb 15, 5:40am
Hang on don't be patient, I'm hanging around waiting to win Lotto.
Just been announced on TV. 90% is exported, well the 10% must be what died of old age in the paddock. It is disgusting, tough sinewry rubbish.
I have stored what is left for the winter and it will be going into a stew in the crock pot.

Years ago I got a whole carcass from a local football club via a stock agent, it was frozen cancelled export order. The meat was fantastic.
We locally,get just crap, this is not just meat, the same with fish, and most other export products.

kay34, Feb 15, 6:29am
Im waiting on a lotto win too cleggyboy, no lamb for us, just to expensive!

gennie, Feb 15, 7:02am
Purely by coincidence we had lamb tonight. Not very kiwi traditional though - lamb mince used on Turkish Pizzas (Pide).

rainrain1, Feb 16, 2:06am
I would have done the same

rainrain1, Feb 16, 2:07am
couple of years

kirmag, Feb 16, 5:32am

buzzy110, Feb 16, 5:46am
Perhaps you should change your butcher. Only once have I had a problem with lamb and that was from a local Super Value supermarket flogging off something as lamb that was probably mutton or old hogget. Naturally I never bought meat from there again.

NZ lamb, purchased in NZ is great meat. I just wish they would go back to the fatty lamb of yore instead of the modern lamb which is bred to be low fat.

mooshiesmum, Feb 21, 5:18pm
I get mine from Pak n save and it is beautiful! About $30 for a good sized leg. Slow roasted for 4 hours with garlic and rosemary. We went for a walk last night and I said to my husband seriously is every second house having a roast - it smelt beautiful and I had no idea it was national lamb day! lol

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