Cooking poached eggs in cup?

Chef_bulldogod, May 7, 5:02 am
How do you do it in microwave?

Chef_drommy, May 7, 5:19 am
I do it often at work - quick and easy.

Break one egg into a mug. Prick the yolk (once will do). Add a tablespoon of water. Cook it in the microwave for ten seconds, then five or seven second blasts, checking after each. It'll depend on your microwave how long it takes - in my work microwave it probably takes about 25 seconds from memory.

Chef_stunnedmullet38, May 8, 7:34 am
Wow that sounds cool! Will try it for Mr 6 - he would literally "kill" for poached eggs but mine done the old way in the small fry pan with boiling water and a dash of vinegar never look quite the same! Cheers!

Chef_beaker59, May 8, 10:44 am
I used to do this, make sure to smear butter over the inside of the cup and there's only a few seconds between rubbery explode all over the place egg and runny so start low and carefully work out what works best in your microwave but for mine 23sec was good.

Chef_ians2, May 10, 7:17 am
Trick - egg yolk will explode in microwave, so prick yolk to stop explosion.
But do cover to prevent splatter.
I have a egg microwave container that I use and even with that, they advise to prick the yolk. I use a fork for this purpose.

Chef_radark, May 10, 8:23 am
learn to poach eggs. microwaves are disgusting ways to cook food

Chef_spongeypud, May 10, 8:44 am
Made one this morning it was lovely. It didn't explode which surprised me but I did prick it, no extra washing up either like cooking it conventionally. Nothing wrong with microwaves Rachel, had one for years, why are they disgusting?

Chef_propagator, May 10, 8:45 am
I also boil an egg in the microwave. Completely wrap egg in foil and place in a large cup/mug and fill with water. Microwave 8mins on high for a hard boiled egg. (I only eat hard ones!) so adjust to suit.

Chef_bev00, May 15, 9:05 am
micro magic

Chef_awoftam, May 15, 9:21 am
8 minutes? Easier (and faster) to cook one in a pot with hot water?

Chef_aj.2., May 15, 9:30 am
No stove top at work, so easy to do in Mwave, but yes I prefer to do them in a pan, I use egg rings to hold the shape better, than loose.

Chef_smallwoods, May 15, 9:31 am
rock hard?

Chef_timturtle, May 15, 10:23 pm

Chef_motorbo, May 16, 4:40 am
they kill the nutrients in your food so pretty pointless using them

Chef_buzzy110, May 16, 4:54 am
There have been rumblings about them mutating the food as well. Something extra to think about.

Chef_motorbo, May 16, 5:03 am
omg that sounds awful. even more reason to not use them

Chef_galex, May 19, 4:10 am
Got any scientific proof as opposed to 'rumblings" ? Sigh.

Chef_buzzy110, May 19, 5:14 am
I specifically said 'frumblings' for a reason. I didn't state it as proven, only that there were rumblings and it was worth thinking about. Sigh.

Chef_bisloy, Jul 18, 1:48 am
You can get silicone poaching cups that you pop in a pot of boiling water. Just pop a little butter in the bottom with pepper and salt and break the egg in. Pop the lid on and cook. Easy clean and the cups are cheap

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