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anne1955, May 5, 9:27am
I have just taken a small granted amount of lovely clean white mutton fat of top of my slow cooker. I hate waste so was thinking can it be used as lard or the likes. Don't want to just use it frying something far to nice and clean.

I was given some mutton rolled bacon and plan to use stock from it as base in a minestrone soup. Well that's my plan :) I sliced some last night and ate as it was Yummy. Wasn't sure how to use a small slab of it so did the slow cook knowing I had the soup to make. Guessing it may have been smoked as stock and meat is slightly salty. I love salt lol but am concerned it might make soup same, and had hoped to use some of the meat, in soup. Ideas please thanks.

rainrain1, May 5, 9:40am
Mutton rolled bacon? Do you mean pickled mutton? If so, it will have a high salt content like corned beef, which in my opinion is not suitable for making the cooking water into soup.

rainrain1, May 5, 7:15pm
I have never heard of mutton rolled bacon, so I'm not saying that I am right here. It sounds interesting

lythande1, May 5, 7:25pm
Not really.
Sheep fat is too strong. Thats why dripping is beef fat and lard is pig fat.

gilligee, May 5, 9:15pm
Does anyone use fat these days?

2eabgsev, May 5, 9:30pm
feed it to the birds the little white eyes love it

cgvl, May 5, 10:15pm
Anne1955 is it mutton bacon or mutton ham.
I love mutton Ham its so much nicer than pork ham.
Never had bacon though, but if my grandma was still alive, no doubt she would have, as it was her that introduced me to the mutton ham.

anne1955, May 5, 10:16pm
Yes did think it might be best for birds :) And I was given it as a rolled piece of meat saying Mutton Bacon. It tastes like corned beef :) is yummy. I'll work with the stock/water from it small amount at a time to see if I can infuse flavour and not just salt taste. Thanks Anne

buzzy110, May 5, 10:37pm
Yes. I do. It is wonderful. But not fat from ovines. It smells too strong and overpowers the foods it is combined with unless using it to brown lamb, etc.

fifie, May 5, 11:27pm
Yes i do, use it to brown things before going in s/cooker or making casseroles.

rainrain1, May 6, 1:19am
If it tastes like corned beef then it will possibly be a boned out pickled rolled four-quarter,

biddy6, May 6, 1:35am
A mutton ham perhaps?

I still use lard, dripping and ghee.

anne1955, May 6, 1:56am
Hi again. It wasn't like mutton ham I use to love that can't seem to get it these days. It was pickled sure of that as I say tasted like corned beef but looked like a piece of rolled up bacon :)

thewomble1, May 9, 12:34pm
Could be a boned mutton ham . rolled to look like bacon

rainrain1, May 9, 9:10pm
Anything's possible these days, boned and rolled mutton processed the same way as bacon, why not

beaker59, May 12, 1:52am
I am using Hogget fat at the moment with my cooking I find its quite good if you don't use too much. I ended up with quite a bit after cutting up a big hogget the other day I also use it to make fire lighters. pour very hot fat into an egg tray a bit in each cup it soaks through the cardboard and then cut into two cup squares light a corner and you have an awesome firestarter really gets things going :)

buzzy110, May 12, 2:11am
Great idea. I must use it. Where do you store the 'cups'.

beaker59, May 12, 2:20am
In the kindling box by the fireplace of course :)

beaker59, May 14, 6:53am
Caught the cat licking the firestarters yesterday grrrrrrrrrrrrr

still work as intended though.

buzzy110, May 14, 10:23pm
Fortunately/sadly I haven't got a fur baby anymore. I haven't got a kindling box either. Maybe I'll just use a plastic container to store the fat in and put it in the fridge. That way I don't get unwanted insects inhabiting my house and the fat melting and setting in the heat from the fire.

buzzy110, May 16, 12:32am
I have my first two cups of egg tray fat in my fire all ready to light tonight. Fingers crossed it goes well. DH is very impressed with my fire setting skills but your secret ingredient should make things go much better methinks.

fifie, May 16, 4:36am
You will be warming the tootsies in quick time buzzy, used to use mutton fat years ago on farm to get the fire pumping, worked a treat.

buzzy110, May 16, 4:52am
It worked brilliantly. We have a much bigger firebox now and I find that starting the fire is a lot harder for some reason but beaker's idea worked really well.

Thanks beaker.

summersunnz, Sep 9, 9:03am
Mutton Hams / Corned Mutton
I saw them at Paknsave today in the meat department lamb/mutton section - corned mutton. They also had stuffed rolled mutton, and sides of mutton. Not that often mutton is in any supermarket these days.

whitehead., Sep 11, 4:26am
peel a couple of big old potatoes and drop them in your boiling stock till cooked take out and toss they will be very salty and will have removed their salt from the stock . you can also add sugar to some thing that is over salty

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