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kiwiscrapper1, Mar 26, 2:23am
Not sure if this is the right place to ask as its not a recipe but I saw somewhere how to clean oven racks, they put a towel in the bath and then racks, covered with water and soaked over night, but cant remember what they put in the water! They came out with just needing a wipe over no scrubbing :-)

dbab, Mar 26, 2:32am
Ooh, I hope someone comes back with the answer!

samanya, Mar 26, 2:37am
Baking soda, maybe?

lilyfield, Mar 26, 2:45am

Also good and cheapest way of cleaning dentures overnight

chookpan, Mar 26, 2:47am
If you have a dishwasher then use one of the tablets that you use for that. That is what I use and it makes it so easy.

happymullen, Mar 26, 2:47am
I should think the towel gets stained and wrecked, you end up with a tide mark on the bath and ick stuff down your bath drain! The best way I found is to remove racks, place in large plastic bag, maybe rubbish sack, spray heaps of oven cleaner all over the racks, seal bag well and leave overnight. (Probably best left in garage or outside, make sure no leakage) Then wipe racks over with a bucket of hot soapy water, use damp newspaper, wear disposable gloves. May need use scratchy pad or steelo for little bits, depending on state of rack.Final rinse in hot soapy water in kitchen sink. Rest of rubbish cloths and gloves go into plastic bag and out in rubbish.

ross67, Mar 26, 4:08am
Big plastic container with water and heaps of washing powder. it all comes of very easy.

ross67, Mar 26, 4:09am
Leave it over night

cgvl, Mar 26, 4:18am
DH takes them outside, puts on newspaper and sprays with oven cleaner. Leave for a bit then use as hot a water as you can handle and rinse off. Usually find they do need a bit of scrubbing but comes off easily.

aeromo, Mar 26, 4:27am
I agree with the hottest water. Leave soaking for a bit. Mine fit in the sink.
Then easy to get off with steel soap pad, wearing rubber gloves to stand the heat.
Only have trays in the oven when using otherwise take out when cooking, if not needed. As I have roast dish that fits oven without a tray this helps.
All the other tips are interesting too.

shepa1, Mar 26, 6:26am
Oh, I know the easiest way. Throw the racks into a black plastic rubbish bag. Tip in a bottle of the cheapest ammonia and tie the bag up. Leave it out on the lawn over night and the next day all the grime will just wipe off. Easy as!

kiwiscrapper1, Mar 26, 6:52am
maybe it was this? I have seen this too but cant remember what they cleaned lol! I usually do the spray with oven cleaner out side but still have to scrub a lot, but there something about a towel in the bath etc will have to try and find it.
Thanks everyone all suggestions are worth trying.

tessie2, Mar 26, 7:08am
Shower Witch?

griffo4, Mar 26, 7:09am
l put them in one of those fish bins but in between each rack l put a piece of tin foil and add hot water and washing powder and leave soak overnight and wipe clean next day

l just need to know an easy way to clean the oven, any hints please

fifie, Mar 26, 7:13am
Id try it with the dishwasher tablet now, used to do it in the big old laundry tub with Bio Luvel soap powder and hottest water, worked wonders.

aeromo, Mar 26, 7:15am
Yeah in comparison to oven, racks are the easy part

kiwiscrapper1, Mar 26, 9:13am
The oven is the easy bit, its Pyrolitic I just turn it on to the setting and it cleans itself :-) but the racks cant be left in its like a furnace and discolours them, I found what I wanted, racks in a plastic bag spray with Ammonia and left over night, now to find straight Ammonia, I wish I could remember what it was that was put in the bath! ,

toadfish, Mar 26, 6:08pm
I have a pyrolitic oven - And when its doing its thing I pop the racks in the top shelf of the dishwasher for a cycle - come out great.
The trick is not to leave it too long between cleans.


retired, Mar 26, 6:34pm
Thank you toadfish I have never thought of doing that. The side rails seem to keep quite clean and I just use the solid pans to cook on then clean them in the pyroltic cycle. I have a Bosch.

lythande1, Mar 26, 6:40pm
I spray mine along with the oven.
Works every time, no scrubbing.

toadfish, Mar 27, 8:51am
I have a Bosch as well :) and love it. It was the telescopic rails for the racks that sold me.
I love that you can give the solid pans a pyrolitic cycle - brings them up like new!

toadfish, Mar 27, 8:53am
I hate the spray - so caustic. Love the self cleaning oven.

pony_girl, Mar 27, 9:08am
Luckily my oven racks fit in the large laundry sink - and I pour boiling water over them, with about a cup full of Handy Andy - leave to soak for about an hour and then they seem to wipe clean really easily . I think toadfish is quite right, that if you can do them often it does make the job much easier, but strangely cleaning the oven is never on the top of my to do list !

wendalls, Mar 27, 9:17am
What works if you only clean them every 6 months? Baked on black . Oven cleaner doesn't.

lulu239, Mar 29, 12:28am
Agree with pony_girl.

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