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Hi guys, I am hosting a girl's weekend away. Rather than buying store bought stuff everyone always brings/eats I would rather try something different. Mum mixes cream cheese and mango chutney together which is nice and simple. What else goes good with cream cheese? Or sour cream? Nice and simple, don't want to be in the kitchen all morning. I'm already making hummus from scratch.
Thanks in advance!

Chef_secretagent_cat, Feb 1, 7:50 am

Chilli salmon and cream cheese.

Oh so yummy.

Chef_quiz3, Feb 1, 8:07 am

I like to flake some smoked salmon and mix with a little lemon juice, some mayonnaise & tomato sauce (about a tablespoon each) and stir it into a tub of Philly salmon cream cheese - makes a good dip/spread.

Chef_pony_girl, Feb 1, 8:18 am

I make hummus and add some steamed mashed pumpkin and a pinch of cumin. Makes a great dip or spread with vege sticks, crackers or some pita wedges.
Sour cream with piccalilli/mustard pickle or gherkin relish added is nice too.

Chef_nauru, Feb 1, 8:25 am

A nice and very easy dip can be made with a tub of sour cream and a Wattie's Wok Creations stir-fry sauce pouch - Sweet Chilli & Lime has been a very popular choice whenever I have made it.

Hope that helps. :-))

Chef_245sam, Feb 1, 8:54 am

Yum thanks guys!

Chef_secretagent_cat, Feb 1, 9:10 am

Cream cheese/philli and gherkin relish

Chef_winnie., Feb 2, 8:40 am

I have a fabulous and very popular smoked oyster log if you'd like the recipe. Don't be put off by oysters, I hate them, but smoked oysters are different altogether.

Chef_rarogal, Feb 2, 11:31 pm

More of a spread than a dip - but try blending cream cheese, smoked fish (mullet is good) and parsley in kitchen wiz - beautiful.

Chef_dibble35, Feb 3, 12:45 am

Sour cream, tomato relish and curry powder. Sounds random but is delish! You're all making me hungry now.

Chef_korie, Feb 3, 12:49 am

1/2 tub cream cheese 1/2 tub sour cream 1/2 of the jar masterfoods corn relish stir together yum

Chef_cats5, Feb 3, 12:54 am

Re above, I have given up trying to find the Masterfoods corn relish, where do you purchase it

Chef_sooseque, Feb 4, 5:19 am

A can of Lemon pepper tuna and cream cheese. Equal quantities of each. Tastes fantastic. Lots of people can't figure out there is fish in it so even if you are not a fish person you can still like the taste.

Chef_gennie, Feb 4, 8:00 pm

Cream cheese mixed with grated carrot, and chopped celery

Chef_rainrain1, Feb 4, 9:45 pm

I could mix cream cheese with pretty much any relish really couldn't I? What kind of relish would go good with it?

Chef_secretagent_cat, Feb 5, 7:12 am

This is seriously good. I didn't do equal quantities though, did small tin tuna and 250gm cream cheese. Just had it spread on toast for breakfast - yummy

Chef_dibble35, Feb 5, 7:50 pm


Chef_bev00, Feb 6, 10:36 am

Tub of sour cream, packet of Maggi French Onion Soup, and tsp lemon juice. Never fails to please. =)

Chef_otterhound, Feb 6, 9:22 pm

Upend a tub of cream cheese on to a plate. Cover with sweet chilli sauce and lots of chopped coriander. Bowl of rice crackers and a knife on the side. One minute to assemble at the time. Two if you have to chop the coriander.

Chef_artemis, Feb 7, 1:17 am

Sour cream mixed with corn relish is really tasty.

Chef_bobyt, Feb 9, 5:51 am

Was just about to add this one I also do it well use to with gherkin relish a Masterfoods one tried another and no good and now for a long time I can't find it in any supermarket theres a new Harvest something by another company and it's rubbish for this actually I think rubbish all round. so it's sweet gherkins into food processor then into the sour cream.
Had a lady bring the "tin dip rubbish" to a do yesterday but added a bit of red onion and a bit of garlic ok slightly very slightly improvement I guess. But still for me yuck. and as for processed cheese slice cut in four on a snax biscuit with 1/2 a black olive on top and thinking it was/is top food for nibbles I cringed really and from a 'well healed person' yeah that's how they got there and me being broke. lol

Chef_anne1955, Feb 9, 6:01 am

Sour Cream mixed with Gherkin Relish or Sweet Chiili Sauce to taste, yum!

Chef_stu3, Feb 10, 8:10 am

Rarogirl can we please have your smoked oyster log recipe. Thanks

Chef_pacificrose42, Feb 10, 3:22 pm

I do this really weird thing with a tin of reduced cream, a packet of onion soup and a teaspoon of malt vinegar.

Can't beat good old kiwi dip!

Chef_battgirl, Feb 10, 8:19 pm

And add chopped parsley,then drained canned salmon,shrimps,smoked oysters---the list goes on!

Chef_midget8, Mar 2, 6:44 am