Good Coffee Beans

fugazi71, Apr 30, 8:16am
I'm in Auckland and want to buy good coffee beans for a reasonable price. Supermarket one seem expensive and some brands aren't that flash. I used to buy Hummingbird in Chch sometimes for only $6 for 200gm, but not anywhere near that kind of bargain up here! Can anyone recommend any?

r123l, Apr 30, 9:14am
You could order hummingbird off their website not sure of the delivery fee to auckland but at least you know it is good. Has gone up a bit down here now tho close to 8 for 200 now you get it for 6 on special in the supermarkets. Good Luck

nimmicky, Apr 30, 9:19am
The Red Cherry cafe on SH1 in between Cambridge and Hamilton 1 kilo for 36, . Beanz and Machines , at Tirau 1 kilo for $35. La Roma in Hamilton was about the same price but we haven't been in there for some months. I believe the Red Cherry courier and prob Tirau as well. All those make very nice coffee's. Prob have web sites you can ring or email. .

unknowndisorder, Apr 30, 9:59am
You wanting green or roasted?
We just get Signature Range from supermarket at $6 for 200gm or (this week, I think) $4. 99.
I try other brands occasionally (roasted), but always go back to the cheapie brand.
They got a good write-up in Consumer a couple of years ago, but to be totally honest, it's a brand we're happy with.

cookessentials, Apr 30, 10:03am
Screaming Turtle

carpman, Mar 19, 3:45pm
I always buy Raglan Roast beans on-line. I think the Mocha Java is the best and costs around $29 including delivery. They do beans or just about any type of grind you could wish for. Ordered some Tuesday evening this week and they arrived Thursday. Love 'em :0)
(And I don't work for them! )

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