An update on my Butter crust pastry question

samsnan, Feb 4, 3:58am
I asked on here whether it was savoury or sweet so I cut a little piece off it and cooked it. I turns out it is sweet but very delicious. I then cut a larger piece of the frozen roll. It cut off very cleanly with a sharp knife and only took about 10mins to thaw out in this warm weather. Cut out circles with a cutter and gently pushed them into muffin tins(greased) a good dob of stewed rhubarb in them and just covered them with a small lid. So my $10 roll is certainly going to be useful.

wron, Feb 4, 4:04am
What was the original thread, or could you repost the recipe here please. Thanks.

samsnan, Feb 4, 4:13am
Briefly wron I had purchased a caterers roll of Butter crust pastry from Why not in East Tamaki but because I had never used it before I did not know if it would be a sweet or savoury pastry. Did not have it written anywhere. I asked on here but no one really knew either. Although a lady suggested I just cut off a wee piece and cook it, which is what I did. Sorry I don't know how to bring up my old thread. Hope you get the gist with this.

wron, Feb 5, 10:47am
Thanks! Is Why Not a place like Nosh or a specialist bakery?

wron, Feb 5, 10:49am
Don't worry, I checked out your original thread! Thanks again.

socram, Mar 25, 11:54pm
You could also sprinkle it with salt when you roll it out if it isn't too sweet, to use in a savoury dish.

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