Peach Pitter

Can anyone please suggest where I can buy a peach pitter? It is a sharp spoon with a pointed end that you can slice around the peach stone and pop it out. Thanks!

Chef_gayle6, Mar 7, 3:44 am

I have seen one made by Oxo on Fishpond but it ships from the USA. Surely I can get one in New Zealand?

Chef_gayle6, Mar 7, 3:55 am

I have one in my draw but sorry you can't have it. Probably had it for 50 yrs

Chef_camper18, Mar 7, 4:12 am

Mad huh, when peaches are a classic fruit to preserve and seemingly the pitters are not sod in NZ!

Chef_gayle6, Mar 7, 4:15 am

Had mine for many years also.

Chef_tessie2, Mar 7, 9:44 am

try the dollar shops and the op shops my daughter try and toss mine every time they see it but they are great for coreing fruit like pears and apples

Chef_whitehead., Mar 7, 10:07 am

Eureka! I found one at Chef's Complements in Taupo and have ordered online. Funnily enough more expensive than getting the one from Fishpond via the USA but the peaches won't wait. A good investment.

Chef_gayle6, Mar 7, 9:23 pm

Slightly of Topic though but those flat peaches are great, no worry re pits as one can simply cut around with a nice small sharp knife and the pit is all that's left.

Chef_valentino, Jan 12, 2:05 am