Leggo's Pumpkin and Feta Ravioli

marcs, May 20, 4:09am
I made this the other night in cheese sauce and bacon (like you would macaroni) and it has absolutely no flavour in it. I still have half left. I can't taste the pumpkin or feta inside it so will never buy it again. I will make the ravioli next time. I don't know what to do to salvage it rather than throwing it in the bin. Thinking may be make a pumpkin sauce like you do pumpkin soup and add the raviolis? Any ideas would be great.

chloe184, May 20, 8:50pm
Don't have ideas but I got the Leggos meat ball one had no flavour either my 12 year old thought that also

marcs, Jul 20, 8:48am
No worries. I made it pumpkin sauce and it still got thrown out. Never buying them again. They tasted pasty and no flavour what so ever. Very thick pasta too.

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