Ravioli or tortellini

nutwrencher, Sep 15, 10:54am
Hiya all :)

Has anyone got any fav ingredients that they put into either one of these if they make homemade pasta.
I have been given a pasta maker and would love to make some as my hubbie loves pasta.
So a recipe for pasta.fillings and a sauce would be great.
I have no idea on making home made stuff as i have never done it.
Anything would be great :)

beaker59, Sep 15, 1:23pm
Left over roast chicken, some gravy some finely chopped onion and mushrooms fried off in a pan then into food processor with a few sage leaves whizz up to paste add extra gravy to get a moist mix season to taste and maybe a few chilli flakes. spoon into Ravioli circles (I cut them with a cup) drop into boiling water for 3 minutes. I serve with a bechamel sauce and some parmisan. A good way to use leftovers when there isn't quite enough for another meal on thier own.

frances1266, Sep 15, 9:14pm
Pumpkin and sage make a lovely ravioli.

t.gypsy, Sep 15, 10:06pm
hey do you actually need a pasta machine to make the pasta or can you use a rolling pin! just curious

beaker59, Sep 15, 11:03pm
Definately you can, its hard work but results are just as good.

t.gypsy, Sep 16, 12:15am
thanks beaker gives me an idea of what to do with some prawns and left over chicken next week.

elliehen, Sep 16, 1:24am
lythande1 has several times mentioned making home-made pasta.might have some tips if they see your thread.

lythande1, Sep 16, 8:05am
Yeah you can hand roll it, just takes longer.
Pumpkin ravioli.
Mushroom ravioli. Standard spag bol filling in ravioli.
There's loads of fillings if you google.
Ravioli - parcels, Tortellini - when you fold them to make the fancier version. LOL.Also handy for making cannelloni - make sheets, lay out, put filling on and roll up and cut.
And of course, lasagna.
Buying a chook next week, 1 roast meal, 1 fried rice, and there'll still be enough to do a chicken and mushroom cannelloni or ravloli.

beaker59, Sep 16, 10:16am
Awesome, thats how I started with pasta I wasn't a fan until I tried some fresh one day and liked it so I googgled making pasta and started with hand mixing and rolling on bench. I have since got a Pasta maker and use it a fair bit. Lasagna with fresh pasta is soooo much better. I now also mix my dough in a food processor which makes it heaps easier.

juliewn, Sep 16, 12:40pm
Hi Beaker. have you added sundried tomatoes, sliverbeet or spinach, etc. at all. I've placed a request for a pasta machine for Christmas and would like to try some options adding wholemeal flour and veges, etc. thanks for your help.

beaker59, Sep 16, 10:11pm
Yes done a few with silverbeet and cream cheese though only just got the pasta maker a month or so back. Its a cheap one from the warehouse 60 dollars I think it was. Have only done the ravioli type filled pasta a few timeshave made two Lasagne and a fair bit of Tagliatelli which is what I really got it for as hand rolling that just takes forever.

t.gypsy, Sep 17, 9:46pm
beaker did you use the same pasta recipe that is used for a pasta machine to make it.

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