Making ravioli from fresh pasta sheets

whitehead., Jan 17, 7:36am
basic pasta is 75 grams of flour or 3/4 of a cup to one egg mix with a fork or your fingers and nead well then work it in your pasta maker its to die for you will find it easy to make and yum to eat . cook in boiling salted water . that should give you the idear of how its done good luck and happy cooking

tats63, Jan 16, 4:46am
But I can't get the pasta to stick together. Any ideas? I've had to par cook the pasta but it still won't stick.

245sam, Jan 16, 5:07am
tats63, I'm assuming that you're using store-bought pasta sheets and in that case I wonder what you used to try to make the pasta stick - water?
IMO store-bought pasta sheets are well-coated to prevent them sticking together in their packaging so for that reason the best option, I think, would be to use lightly beaten egg to get the 'stick-together' effect that you need to retain the ravioli filling within the pasta.

Hope that helps. :-))

tats63, Jan 16, 7:27am
Yes was store bought pasta. Complete disaster! Tasted nice and we called it deconstructed ravioli lol. Will try egg next time thanks.

fizzy_kiwi, Jan 16, 8:22am
I would egg it and squash the edges with a fork.

lythande1, Jan 16, 6:23pm
make your own.
You don't even need a pasta machine, just a rolling pin.

tats63, Jan 17, 1:36am
Yeah I did squish the edges with a fork. Just didn't work at all.

motorbo, May 11, 4:49pm
i would think the pasta will end up dense and not that nice, pop it through a pasta machine or make your own as lythande said I make my own and nothing is as delicate or delish as homemade, I never really liked pasta until I tried it homemade

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