Homemade Ravioli sticking to bottom of pot

sqiff, Jul 11, 7:52am
Can anyone suggest a way of stopping ravioli sticking to the bottom of my saucepan please. I dropped the frozen pasta into boiling salted water and even added a little oil as it had stuck the last time I cooked it. The recipe says it will sit on the bottom and when cooked it will come to the top which most of it did except for 2 or 3pieces but when I loosened it the filling came out into the water. Yuk! Any help would be appreciated.

245sam, Jul 11, 8:31am
sqiff, I don't recall ever having the problem you've had so I can't advise you from experience but I always stir pasta immediately it is added to the boiling water.Do you do that?If not, I suggest that you try doing that or maybe even better still, try stirring as you add the ravioli to the boiling salted water and that way the ravioli shouldn't have the chance to stick themselves to the bottom of the saucepan.

Hope that helps.:-))

pom-pom, Jul 11, 9:04am
Fresh ravioli is supposed to be cooked in a flash from fresh. If you freeze it in batches as I do, always defrost first. The centre filling won't defrost at the same rate as the pasta and may be causing it to sink. Either way, the pasta will be cooked before the filling. Fresh pasta should only take 3-4 mins to boil. Did you have pan with salted water at a rolling boil before you threw the ravioli in? Always helps to have water boiling in the pan first rather than using boiling water from the jug and pouring it onto the pasta. Add a few drops of olive oil to the water to prevent sticking and add gloss.

sqiff, Jul 11, 9:32am
Thanks 245sam and pom-pom for the advise. I will try stirring as I put them in next time and also defrost them first. The water was at a rolling boil and I had added a little o/oil but I will definitely try your suggestions. I am new to making ravioli and I am having a lot of fun making it although as there is only hubby and myself we only eat half of it fresh so the rest is popped in the freezer. Thank you again for your help.

lythande1, Jul 11, 7:46pm
Yes. Don't cook from frozen - for one thing you'd have to boil the hell out of it - pasta shouldn't be cooked for ages.

And you are making your own? Shop ravioli I've found- I don't know what they do to it - a nasty gluey lump of whatever it is inside. Ick.
It's easy to make, no special tools needed.

sqiff, Jul 12, 8:27am
Thanks lythande1 for that info. I won't try cooking the ravioli from frozen again. I made them with bought pasta sheets and filled them myself but am going to make my own pasta next time. I usually make sour dough pasta using 2T of the starter but it was the first attempt at ravioli so I picked up some pasta from the supermarket.

deus701, Jul 12, 10:55am
the oil in boiling water doesn't help with sticking. Its only there to stop water boiling over. So yeah, don't waste oil unless needed.

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