Finger food from 1965

anne1955, Jan 31, 9:12pm
I have a 50th B/D and parents 50 years in NZ and thought I'd do a collection of finger foods from 1965 Trying to think what was 'the thing' then Will do ham, cheese pineapple on sticks in an orange didn't they look terrible lol. Devils on horse back wasn't that another? Try to remember what was in them? Bacon and prunes? There will be a full range of ages there so thought I might try to make those orange jellies in orange skins never done them and handy hints?
Need to do as much as possible in advance and really only easy finger type foods. So any ideas please? Thanks people.

socram, Jan 31, 9:40pm
Potted beef on a half roll or tinned salmon mashed with a bit of vinegar; egg and cress etc. were staples for us! Small hot dog sausages on cocktail sticks even the good old sausage roll which seems to have stood the test of time pretty well. Curried eggs?

245sam, Jan 31, 10:08pm
Yes, Devils on Horseback = bacon and prunes which are a variation of Angels on Horseback = oysters and bacon.
Don't forget to check that the prunes are pitted then there'll be no dental bills from the stones remaining in the prunes - sometimes the prunes were stuffed although we enjoy them just as the crisp bacon around the soft prune. Also be careful to allow the Devils to cool a little before serving and/or warn your guests to be careful of the very hot prunes - they tend to get extra hot as the bacon is grilled.

Good luck - hope all goes well with the planning and prep. All the best to those celebrating their respective milestones. :-))

davidt4, Jan 31, 10:28pm
Stuffed eggs!

charli, Jan 31, 10:37pm
Asparagus rolls

lilyfield, Jan 31, 10:51pm
cubes of cheese and pickled onions on a stick poked into a grapefruit.


rainrain1, Jan 31, 11:04pm
stuffed celery, lamingtons

john946, Jan 31, 11:22pm
Blue Cheese Ball or Dip (can pass on the recipe if you like) served with sticks of celery & carrot, Fun idea - it'll go down well with your guests! C

sampa, Jan 31, 11:32pm
Lamingtons, scotch eggs, pinwheel sammies, fairy bread, meringues, raw veggies/chips and onion dip, mini meatballs on a stick (pretty much anything on a skewer or toothpick. bonus points if it's torturing a poor innocent piece of fruit LOL) stuffed celery, stuffed and rolled ham (stuffing things being nearly as popular pass time as terrorizing fruit ;) did we have olives back in the 60's? I'm sure that those cocktail onions must have made their debut by then, they were certainly right there beside the 'anchored to a piece of fruit' stuff of the 70's. No gathering was complete without liberal bowls of peanuts I seem to recall and maybe a big bowl of punch or two - 1 for the grownups and another for the kiddies and designated drivers. Snax biscuits (crackers) and? - can't remember, probably more dip or maybe chicken liver pate? Someone will know for sure. When were vol a vents introduced? I have vague memories of them being yummily filled with shrimp (probably out of a can and with a white sauce or similar). Or maybe it was salmon? Mini prawn cocktails. they could be served in shot glasses. good 'make ahead' recipe. Mini scones topped with whipped cream and a half strawberry or a dollop of good jam. There was always sponge cake at the 'best' do's, usually several if it was a bring a plate thing and the ladies attempted to outdo each other. You could get retro with pizza slices covered in canned spaghetti and pineapple and cheese (don't blame me if the teens present look at you like you've gone off your rocker for sure and refuse to touch this non - in their opinion - food item. cause that ain't what pizza looks like! haha).

Sounds like fun and I'm sure your efforts will be appreciated (just maybe not by the pre/post 20 somethings too much. ;)

biggles45, Jan 31, 11:59pm
Cocktail sausages on sticks.

Mini vol-au-vent filled with cream cheese mixed with chives or chopped shrimp or cooked chopped mushrooms.

Jelly and ice cream.

Scrambled egg and cress sandwiches (if parents are from UK probably cut into triangles and had the crusts cut off)

cgvl, Feb 1, 12:21am
sandwiches, eg egg, salmon, cheese and pineapple, cheese and onion, tomato, lettuce and marmite were all popular.
Asparagus rolls also very popular at our family gatherings.
Sausage rolls and mini mince and bacon and egg pies (savouries)
Vol-u-vonts filled with a white sauce and any of the following: asparagus, shrimp, salmon, oysters or smoked fish.
Angels and devils on horseback
Cocktail sticks with pickled onions and cheese or pineapple and cheese
Cocktail sausages have always been popular.
Sweets: lamingtons, sponge cakes, light fruit cake, slices and chocolate cake, as well as fresh fruit eg grapes.
I used to have to go with my mother and aunt when they helped cater for functions and these are the things that stand out as food they prepared.
People tended to go for savoury rather than sweet as there always seemed to be a lot of sandwiches made.

anne1955, Feb 1, 4:48am
Thanks people also gave me a laugh reading it :) The oldies will out number young ones I think so will be a case of eat or starve as nearest F&C shop 11kms away and up hill :)
Most of above was what I was semi remembering just needed a jogging in right direction lol And although I still do stuffed eggs and curried ones even catering now days have to say don't stick bits of wood onto poor things any more lol But this time I will go with it. seeing the 1965's food was my idea and unknown to those who's parties it is Sure they will love it asked the hubby if he would slip me some old photo's and was going to scan off and plastic cover them for tables but he did want old photo's of him around he said laughing. So I said I'll just put pictures of other blokes and say it was you. and make it even worse lol so will see if he comes across with them. Otherwise I'll do bad Ernie jokes on it. as even though his name is John he did drive a milk tanker so he'd better be jolly careful lol

greerg, Feb 1, 5:10am
Don't be so sure about the twenty something's. My son came home raving about a dip he'd had somewhere and it was the good old onion soup one. Also stuffed eggs and devils on horseback. He was obviously born at the wrong time.

esther-anne, Feb 1, 7:20am
I took my lovely stuffed curried eggs with tuna to a mixed age 'do' recently. I nestled them on a large platter with an old fashioned green salad - cos lettuce, tomatoes, radish, cucumber, plus capsicum and sliced red onion (not traditional). It looked very appetising, to me anyway! Guess what got rave reviews from the 'trendy' set - after I heard one gorgeous young thing say 'there's no rocket' - and stuffed eggs! ' Beyond the pale! Then she loaded her plate and came back for more. Warmed the cockles of my heart it did.!

whitehead., Feb 1, 7:48am
tinned oinion soup dip mixed with cheese tastie is best but any one will do and spread on white bread then crisped up in the oven are yummy and go down well

slimgym, Feb 1, 11:40am
mouse traps you know cheeze on toast

dragonzflame, Apr 6, 2:10am
lol, I always do asparagus rolls for those bring-a-plate finger food dos - and I've barely ever got to have any myself. Certainly never get to take any home :-)

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