Pulled pork at the supermarket

stefanie, Sep 25, 10:22am
Hi, I think it's a new product being offered (I have seen it at NW), has anyone tried it and what are your thoughts?
We have some Club 'do' on and it sounded perfect for the time we have on hand for preps, cooking and price.

jwjmummy, Sep 25, 10:49am
I saw it too and wondered about it, I might buy a little bit tomorrow to try.

wendalls, Sep 26, 11:11am
I bought some and it was yuk. drenched in some horrible sauce. Wasn't from new world though. One of the others probably PN S.

coach2, Sep 27, 3:15am
I tried the one from NW with the sauce, wouldn't buy it again and not cheap.

jwjmummy, Sep 27, 4:05am
Nobody in our house liked it,

tjman, Sep 27, 4:33am
It is sooooo mushy. Nice flavour but texture not for us.

dolphin19, Sep 27, 6:35am
I bought some from PnS and didn't like the sauce at all.

korbo, Oct 2, 7:21am
got some from local p/s today. loved it, but yes very expensive.

rarogal, Oct 7, 10:03pm
I've made my own, everyone loved it and I used a gravy rather than a sauce.

katalin2, Oct 7, 10:39pm
Tried some at the Food Show, it was on warm toasted french bread and the pulled pork was heated as well it was delicious. I have bought it but intend making it with a pork fillet in the slow cooker with gravy and barbacue sauce.

socram, Sep 12, 1:57am
Pork rump works very well if doing your own as zero fat, gristle or bones - and probably cheaper than pork fillet.

Seems to be an in thing at the moment.

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