Chocolate icing that does not set hard

korban, Feb 22, 7:53pm
I had some yummy fudge cake on the weekend. It had a lovely soft chocolate icing on it. Does any one have a recipe?

I normally melt butter, add in icing sugar and cocoa till of a spreadable consistency, but it always sets hard.

Any suggestions much appreciated - thanks

valentino, Feb 22, 8:25pm
Do not melt butter !

Always use soften butter and usually be softer.

pickles7, Feb 22, 9:02pm
We always melted the butter in boiling milk. We found the icing stayed nice and soft and set well.

sampa, Feb 22, 10:09pm
Could it have been frosting rather than icing maybe korban? Or, another possibility, possibly a cream cheese type icing rather than butter based. The easiest way to decide might be to Google all three terms icing v frosting v cream cheese icing (and/or frosting) and select 'images' and take a look to see if any look similar to what you had. Failing that you might have to make samples of all three types and do a heap of 'sampling'. need a hand with that? ;-)

valentino, Feb 22, 10:43pm
Should had noted when using butter on its own before adding anything else.

kiwitrish, Feb 22, 11:15pm
Could it have been a ganache icing?

laspaz, Feb 22, 11:16pm
Sounds like a buttercream if it was fluffy almost. Ganache if firm but soft.

korban, Feb 23, 1:40am
Thanks all - have found out they used melted butter, icing sugar, cocoa and water. Will have to experiment to get it right.

punkinthefirst, Feb 23, 2:11am
Add more butter than usual, and less water. It will be soft and fudgelike.

slimgym, Jan 31, 11:52pm
thats all I do and it never sets hard