Guava jelly not setting

mrsvonflik, Apr 17, 5:54am
Any jelly making experts can help me my jelly has not set,Should I put it back in pan & reheat,Is first time I have made it,

cgvl, Apr 17, 6:31am
did you keep it at a boil once you added the sugar? Also maybe you need the juice of a lemon or 2. If the fruit was really ripe it often requires extra lemon juice or pectin to help set. Also keep at a rolling boil not a simmer.
yes will need to be boiled for longer but keep checking for setting as once it reaches setting point it can go to toffee really quickly

mrsvonflik, Apr 17, 7:06am
Thankyou will put it back in pan,

whitehead., Apr 18, 5:26am
for jam of any sort not setting add one grated apple skin and all no pips and boil with your fruit it will always set and you will not taste it , works great with berry jams

paora-tm, Apr 18, 5:48am
Someone I know recently made a batch of grape jelly which hasn't actually become jelly - more like a syrup. I wonder if too much sugar was added - would that be a cause of it being syrup rather than jelly. How would you fix it?

whitehead., Apr 19, 10:43pm
add an apple and it should set and you wont taste it

cgvl, Sep 28, 4:15pm
If it wont set or I have fruit that is too ripe, I often add a stick of rhubarb especially to jelly jams. You can't see or taste it but it helps with setting.

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