Preserving using baby food jars

bronf, Mar 18, 12:22am
I have just made my first attempt at preserving fruit and am having trouble getting the button to suck down on some of the jars.All of the jam jars have worked perfectly but the small baby food jars just aren't going down at all.Does anyone have any advice or suggestions!Thanks in advance.

indy95, Mar 18, 12:35am
Bronf, I have had the same problem in the past though not necessarily with baby food jars. Turning the sealed jars upside down while they cool seems to help as it apparently creates a vacuum.I turn them back up the right way when they have cooled enough to be handled and press the button down and it seems to work most of the time.

makespacenow, Mar 18, 12:40am
Yes turning them upside down works. I do that after filling the jars so while they are still hot. then when they are cool enough to touch I turn them the right way up. Never had any issues, my grandma made all her jams etc this way too.

tehenga288, Mar 18, 12:54am
If the baby food jars & lids have been pre used then it will be very difficult to get the lids to reseal - they are not designed for this.

morrello1, Mar 18, 2:22am
"If the baby food jars & lids have been pre used then it will be very difficult to get the lids to reseal - they are not designed for this."
I don't believe this is true. I've used baby food jars many times & they've sealed & the food's kept for ages(I'm still eating last year's feijoas & beetroot now). I suggest trying the upside down thing mentioend above.

bronf, Mar 18, 2:34am
I did wonder if the jars were designed for one use only. It would be a shame if they couldn't be re-used as they are the perfect size (and I have a lot of them!), I will try once more and turn them upside down this time.Thanks for the tips, I'm finding preserving very satisfying.

katalin2, Mar 18, 10:25am
I am currently using baby food jars as they are such a good size. At first I was having trouble getting them to pop even though I turned them upside down- but I found if I had the jar really hot and the lids really hot turned upside down much more successful popping.

korbo, Mar 18, 6:39pm
curious, what size baby food jars and what do you put in them.
I use them for relish and jam, as the small ones are just right for donating to meals on wheels . I use melted wax and celo lids.

katalin2, Mar 18, 7:29pm
This weekend I used them for tomato chutney. My daughter gives me one or two every few weeks as she only uses bought baby food when they are out. I use whatever size jars I have on hand but like the tiny ones as they are good for adding to a platter both at home and taking out. Also I make lots of different pickles and relishes and means you don't need to use up a large jar before you open something different. It is also the perfect size for my horseradish sauce, most of which I give away as haveseveral friends who are really keen on it and you don't need to keep much for yourself .

duckmoon, Mar 18, 10:56pm
i shop at Arthur Holmes for my jam jars.
I have asked if I can buy replacement lids for baby food jars, and it isn't possible.
I dont' use the lids that they came with - but use the cellophone covers (like my mother used a million years ago)