Healthy Pizza with a Cauliflower Crust!

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bridget107, Feb 16, 5:26am
I made this pizza the other evening, and wow! So good :-)

lythande1, Feb 16, 6:16am
Sorry that's not a pizza however much they might want to believe it.

creeky1, Feb 16, 6:23am
sorry, but yuk.

katalin2, Feb 16, 6:35am
I like the sound of it- will try it next time I get a cauli. Might not be an authentic Italian pizza but then I am not a purist- happy to call it a pizza. Thanks for sharing it!

bridget107, Feb 16, 7:09am
Thanks katalin2 :-)

uli, Feb 16, 8:28am

nfh1, Feb 16, 8:33am
They look lovely uli - never heard of them before.

quotejoss, Feb 16, 9:49am
as long as it has the 3 colours of italy for the royal visit, it is a pizza.

alibeli, Feb 16, 10:12am
Can you please explain how you "make" the base - do you chop the cauli into fine pieces!Thanks

rumbledoll, Feb 16, 9:38pm
I have made it by chopping cauli finely, fry off in knob of butter to soften into more soft paste like - add some cheese to bind with S&P.Depends on consistency - don't make too wet.

I have just made the mince pizza . its in the oven now - looking delish.

wheelz, Feb 16, 10:12pm
The site does say." Healthy ALTERNATIVE to pizza, didn't say it was a pizza.

uli, Feb 16, 10:30pm
Hope you liked the meatza.

uli, Feb 16, 10:31pm

uli, Feb 16, 10:35pm
This is a slightly different version:

Try out which one you like better. You can also turn them into "bread"sticks.

uli, Feb 16, 10:38pm
Here you go:!p=10576

Lots more links in those two.

Now start digging your garden - so you can plant 120 caulis for the coming winter and spring :)

pickles7, Feb 17, 12:57am
They do look nice, may be tempted myself.

cloudberry, Feb 17, 3:09am
Cauliflower pizza base and cauli breadsticks are a staple in this house now. Especially since I discovered that you don't need to cook the cauli before you make the dough.

uli, Feb 17, 3:10am
Do you just rice it!

bedazzledjewels, Feb 17, 3:19am
Even Nigella has a meatza recipe in her book Nigellissima - must be main stream now! ;-)

Here's a good base, with lots of comments and refinements following -!f=4&t=919

cloudberry, Feb 17, 5:47am
Yes. It doesn't seem to matter that it's raw, and it cuts out a whole step and saves time. Mix with the egg and cheese as usual and spread as thin as you can if you're making pizza. If I'm making breadsticks I don't spread it thin, I bake it in a dish so that it's about 3 cm high. Then I turn it out and slice into thin slices, spread them out, sprinkle with cheese, and bake again.

uli, Feb 17, 7:34am
Thanks cloudberry, must try that.

motorbo, Feb 17, 9:00am
heart attack on a plate

they look awful

rumbledoll, Feb 17, 9:57am
motorbo wrote:
heart attack on a plate

they look awful

Its for Low Carb eating. google Ketongenic diet and read about high fat -nil carbs and weight loss.Also apparently good for some medical conditions.
I had the Meatza for dinner tonight - delish!

wardz4, Feb 17, 11:03am
I am on a no carbs diet ! I will try this thanks !

uli, Feb 18, 3:47am
You think meat instead of wheat dough makes a heart attack!
Maybe read up on that theory!