Cauliflower Rice

buzzy110, May 16, 5:07am
Can someone please post the link for Cauliflower Rice. I've lost my link and would like to forward it on to a friend who just loves it. Would save me having to type it up again.

Thanks in advance.

kirinesha, May 16, 5:11am
Buzzy, it's on the Low Carb Cooking site under hot vegetables.

bedazzledjewels, May 16, 5:13am
Here you go Buzzy - a few different versions there. php? option=com_content

elliehen, May 16, 5:25am
Not exactly a rice substitute, but delicious... . simply steam thecauliflower, mash it roughly with the back of a fork and stir through lashings of whole seed mustard.

bedazzledjewels, May 16, 5:38am
That's cauli mash and we use it lots Elliehen. Nice with slices of leek and lashings of butter too!

herika, May 16, 6:37am
Great thread :)

buzzy110, May 16, 11:26pm
Absolutely brilliant. Thanks for the help everyone. My friend will be wrapt.

uli, May 17, 1:51am
or wrapped even ... :)

kirinesha, May 17, 1:53am
Or rapt, even.

kirinesha, May 17, 1:53am
You forgot all the cream Dazz!

uli, May 17, 2:15am
could use soy milk instead of cream even :)

kirinesha, May 17, 2:22am
Sorry, did the word SOY pass your lips Uli?

buzzy110, May 17, 3:21am
Yes and rapt as well. Mind you, she might be like one of those characters out of Charles Dickens novels' who puts 'Ws' in front of words!

buzzy110, May 17, 3:25am
So true uli. Apparently, so long as we consume this poison in moderation, we'll all be absolutely fine.

Now all I have to decide is 'what is moderation'. Does that mean to consume the entire litre before the use by date or does it mean only having half of it before the ubd?

Oh woe is me. I just don't know.

uli, May 17, 5:12am
Have to find the article again (was in one of the farming news that we get delivered here free), it was about getting the FDA to forbid using "fake" foods to use dairy terms to describe themselves - words like "milk" or "cream" or "Ice cream" or "butter" or "yoghurt" or "cheese" ... this is obviously going since 2000 already.

If I find it again (and it wasn't last nights fire starter) then I will post it in food lies thread LOL :)

buzzy110, May 17, 5:52am
uli. As some of these fake foods actually do have some sort of 'cream' or milk solids in them, the FDA will probably get it all wrong and say those foods can use the 'diary' name.

One day, walking around a store in USA I was invited to sample some 'real cream' in a can (the aerosol whipped stuff). It had 7% cream in it and they were allowed to describe it as 'real cream' whip.

Naturally I declined and pointed out that real cream is a normal commodity on the supermarket shelves in NZ.

buzzy110, May 17, 5:54am
Mind you manufacturers here are not allowed to describe their fake yoghurts as yoghurt. They have to call them 'Dairy Dessert'.

elliehen, May 12, 2:48am
Thanks for the suggestion, but I'd be quite happy with cow's milk - if I wanted it sloshy. I prefer the cauli mash on the dry side.

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