Cauliflower Soup

olwen, May 26, 12:57am
Made some the other day with cheddar and included a pinch of nutmeg (Yum! )

Then heard someone talking about cauliflower and blue cheese soup. Am heading out to buy ingredients (double yum! ). But would you use the hint of nutmeg with blue cheese, or would they clash?

harrislucinda, May 26, 1:15am
deanna on here make soup with blue cheese not sure the amounts she uses

wasala, May 26, 2:02am
Funny, I was just about to start a thread about this myself. I want to do cauliflower, leek and blue cheese soup - preferably a nice thick one. Does anyone have a recipe?

olwen, May 26, 2:19am
This is the recipe I made a couple of weeks back.
I was planning on substituting 100 gm blue cheese for the cheddar.
Could replace the onion with leek. Use celery if you have it for added flavour, but perhaps omit carrot.

PS found one recipe that used thyme. It's now on my shopping list. I won't use nutmeg if I use thyme. Still undecided on nutmeg with blue cheese. But with cheddar it is a dimensional shift.

lj1422, May 26, 3:08am
I make cauliflower soup with blue cheese regularly. I wouldn't add nutmeg as I have tried it once and it didn't taste as good with blue cheese. Both tastes didn't mix well together.

I often make it with what ever is in the fridge. I've thrown in leeks, courgettes, celery and any other left overs vegies.

I've never made it with cheddar though. How much do you use.

A really simple one is a
couple of onions, garlic, cauliflower, leeks, sauté them together and then add in stock. Then once that is all cooked I stick blend it and then add the blue cheese as well as black pepper. Often I add whatever herbs I have in the cupboard.

If I'm in a hurry I will omit the sauté part and through them all into my slow cooker for about 6 hours. I always add the blue cheese at the end.

I've never made it with cheddar though. How much do you use?

olwen, May 26, 3:47am
I had grated cheddar -- Mainland Noble bought on special. I used maybe a loosely packed cup, but didn't measure it. Added some, tasted and added some more.

Thanks for the info on the nutmeg. I thought that they might clash.

I bought a Sunbeam electric pressure cooker a few weeks ago. Can brown, saute, pressure cook, simmer and slow cook in the same utensil. It does a great job for this sort of dish.

browny36, May 26, 9:26am
I made this one and it is wonderful. well worth making.
Roasted cauliflower, rosemary & walnut soup

lj1422, May 27, 12:29am
Oh wow if I had the money I would love to buy a sunbeam electric pressure cooker.

olwen, May 27, 12:39am
I got it on special for $111. It seemed too good to pass up,

harrislucinda, May 27, 1:20am
yes i brought a multi cooker as well love it

lj1422, May 27, 2:19am
I've just googled the multi cooker and it looks fantastic. May I ask where you found yours on special? I'm now hoping for a queens birthday weekend sales at Briscoes or farmers.

samanya, May 27, 7:21am
I made this soup for dinner tonight & the flavours were lovely . thanks.
A question . I used a large broccoli head & a smaller cauilflower head (all I had in the garden) & I wondered if the amount of stock was a bit large, but used it anyway & the soup was very thin, but with great flavour.
Was yours thin?
I prefer thicker soup, but would definitely make this one again.
The only addition I made was about 200g of blue cheese & that didn't detract from the taste imo.

olwen, May 27, 8:35am
I bought it online from Heathcote Appliances. But spotted it here today.

olwen, May 27, 8:37am
The soup I made had a large potato that thickened it.

luvmykicks, May 28, 4:38am
I did onion, bacon and leek cooked off in butter then added chicken stock and cauli and blended at the end with cream. Was Devine!

samanya, May 28, 5:13am
Good suggestion, thanks, olwen.
As I said, the flavours were really great & a potato would not alter the flavour much at all & yet give it a bit more 'body'.

browny36, Jun 4, 6:28am
Mine ( both times I have made it) was thick and creamy not sure what happened yo yours.

samanya, Jun 4, 6:47am
I'm not sure either, but I did wonder at the time if 2L stock was a lot.
When I try a new recipe, I always make it exactly & then if I make it again I make my own adjustments & this one is definitely worth making again.
Maybe I'll add more cauli & as olwen suggested a potato & perhaps less stock.
It was delicious, though & a keeper.

nauru, Jun 4, 7:10am
I agree add potato and use less stock, you can always add more stock if needed. I usually add potato to soups as it helps to thicken it without changing the taste. Cauli soup is a great favourite, especially if you add some grated cheese and a pinch of nutmeg as it finishes off cooking. I also like to remove some of the cauli before blending to serve with the finished soup. Love broccoli soup too especially with blue cheese.

samanya, Jun 4, 7:43am
I try to keep low(ish) carb, nauru, it seems to suit my body, but a potato or two as thickening, sounds good to me.

olwen, Jun 19, 8:35am
I don't have cannellini beans. I have potatoes and chickpeas. Should I wait and get the beans or substitute?

jan2242, Aug 21, 5:13pm
I would use either.

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