Looking fora slowcooker thats not working anymore

quicke, Feb 19, 6:25am
Hi all, im in palmerston north and im looking for a slowcooker that anyone might have thats nto going anymore, i really only want the bowl inside.you see i had a great one it was oval and i used it for my dogs water bowl which was brill cos the water stayed cooler than a plastic bucket.My sister broke it by accident and now doggie has no water bowl so please if you have one lying round you no longer want in the palmy area please put up an auction and ill take it off your hands!:)

245sam, Feb 19, 11:43am
quicke, there's a slow cooker inner at:-#564509683

But.it is here in Christchurch.:-))

maynard9, Feb 19, 5:06pm
Have you tried the 2 Hospice Shops or the Sallies Family Stores!

courtney2004, Feb 19, 11:40pm
We have 2 slow cookers sitting doing nothing but in chch but then the bowls have cracks in them - they are waiting for EQC 1 was only brought the morning of Feb 22 and cracked within hours with the EQ. Go and ask a second hand shops they will have them I am sure.

quicke, Feb 20, 5:33am
Thanks all, i will try the second hand shops it seems a bit silly be asking somwone in ch-ch to send the inner bit in the post doesnt it!:) Thanks

calista, Feb 20, 6:56am
Does Palmie have a recycling centre!That's where I would go here.I got a new knob for the lid of the c/pot at the local place.

quicke, Feb 20, 8:07am
thanks will give it a try, they really make the best water bowls for dogs

horizons_, Feb 21, 1:05am
So does the glass (pyrex) out of a washing machine door.

pom-pom, Feb 21, 6:39am
There was one in the Sallies in Feilding yesterday. Not sure whether it's the right size though.

aasha, Feb 21, 9:22am
Best water bowls ever, my dog that likes to 'paddle' in her bowl can't tip it over. Here's hoping you find one

245sam, Feb 21, 11:09am
quicke, if you don’t have any luck locally I have a suggestion/offer for you.

We will be passing through Palmerston North on our way to New Plymouth a day or two before Easter so if you want to try for the slow cooker inner as at #2, we would happily collect it from Maudes here in Christchurch for you, then hand it over to you, providing that you’d be able to meet up with us during the daytime, most likely on Wednesday 27 March, and of course, assuming that you had already paid Maudes for it before we would need to collect it from them, which is within 5 days of winning the auction.:-))

245sam, Feb 21, 8:39pm
bumped for quicke.:-))

uli, Feb 22, 5:45am
Most concrete product companies make small bowls for dogs and small troughs for pigs.

Saw some on the Fielddays today for $10

quicke, Feb 22, 7:49am
Thank you everyone, your all so kind and thanks sam but i couldnt ask you to do that all for a bowl!I truley appreciate the offer tho very kind, ill head over to fielding tomorrow and have a look at the sallies and also the ones here im sure ill find one. And thanks uli ill stop at the place downt he road tomorrow too they make troughs and things i never thought of that so yay and thanks for letting me know theres a place literally not 2 mins walk down the road from me!

uli, Feb 23, 6:06am
I just emptied the field day bag and here is the company that makes them in Northland (Kaiwaka): http://www.absoluteconcrete.co.nz/index.html

They sell via RD1 and Farmlands stores as well - so give it a try.

daisyhill, Feb 23, 11:30pm
You might be sorted out now, but for future reference Freecycle is a really good source for this kind of thing. People are usually glad for somebody to take things off their hands and make use of them.

uli, Feb 23, 11:36pm
We pay now $35 for a trailer load of rubbish to go to the dump - that is why people are so keen to "free"cycle.

The local hospice shop is bringing trailer loads of rubbish to the dump every day because people simply dump their rubbish at their doors at night . and not everything can be sold.

daisyhill, Feb 24, 12:36am
Yes, uli, that's a big problem near us as well with people dumping unsellable junk on op shops (especially when somebody else then comes along and sets fire to the pile outside the shop itself). That's why I like Freecycle so much - the things actually go to somebody with a purpose for them rather than just being dumped on a charity in the hope they'll find a good home.