Making Green Tomato pickle and

samsnan, Mar 6, 8:37pm
last night I put the onions and toms to soak over night in the salt but I have just realised that I did not cover it all with water like I should have. Have drained the salt liquid and now cooking it. Will it make any difference to the taste when finished! or will it be too salty. TIA

245sam, Mar 6, 9:16pm
samsnan, I'm guessing along the same lines as your're obviously thinking i.e. that the pickle will be more salty than it should have been.
If you hadn't already started cooking it my thought would have been to give the onions and tomatoes a rinse with fresh water to rinse off some of the excess saltiness that would have been drained off with the water that should have been there.

Hope your pickle finishes up ok.:-))

samsnan, Mar 6, 9:38pm
245sam I have just tasted it and it doesnt taste too bad but I wonder if I put a couple of big chunks of potato in it and leave it to cook for another 1/2 hr would that soak up a little of the salt. Of course I would take them out.

makespacenow, Mar 6, 9:45pm
i make green tomato chutney, but leave all the juices. I don't drain the salt. Recipe asked to leave at least 1 hour after sprinkling salt over, but through years of making it I found it is better to leave overnight.

makespacenow, Mar 6, 9:48pm
Green Tomato Chutney
2.3kg green tomatoes
450g onions
1 tablespoon salt
225 g sultanas
225g raisins
28g root chinger
4 chillies (I use habaneros as I like hot stuff)
1 tablespoon whole black peppercorns
12 cloves of garlic
570 ml malt vinegar
450 demerara sugar/or pectin stock if not using sugar (search recipes I posted the pectin stock recipe few weeks ago)

wash and finely chop the tomatoes, peel and finely chop the onions. Place the two tegether in a bowl, sprinkle with the salt and leave for at least an hour. Add raisins and sultanas. Bruise the ginger and chillies and put in other spices (you can use muslim if you prefer), add the vinegar and sugar/pectin stock. Leave for another hour (or overnight). Then Bring to the boil, then switch down and simmer stirring frequently. When you reach the desired thickness pour into hot sterilised jars.

samsnan, Mar 6, 9:49pm
All good now dh and I have just had another taste test and both agree it tastes pretty good. Thanks all.

dibble35, Mar 6, 9:53pm
Question re green tomatoes, are they supposed to be full size but unripe tomatoes or can you use 1/2 developed ones eg smaller than they would be. I trimmed back my tom plants yesterday and ended up throwing away lots of small green cherry toms. Contemplated making this recipe but wasnt sure how 'formed' they had to be. TIA

soundsie1, Mar 6, 9:57pm
i use an old old recipe that doesnt have water at all.the tomatoes and i also use apples put out enough liquid.mine stays in washhouse in bucket for at least a day.yum! im doing some this weekend

makespacenow, Mar 6, 11:16pm
the recipe I posted uses green as not ripe, not fully grown tomatoes. It is an English recipe and we all know summers there can be not so good for growing tomatoes. I make it also at the end of the season when the plants are dying and they still have tomatoes on them that will not ripen or mature. Great as there is no waste!
I also posted recipe for red tomato chutney last year.

korbo, Mar 7, 12:03am
bit late now, but you could have added a med tin of crushed pineapple. I made my green tomato pickle last year and added pineapple. yummmmo.

dibble35, Mar 7, 12:53am
Thanks for clarifying that, might see how i'm going at the end of this season for green tomatos, heaps at the moment but its still warm enough for awhile yet so most should ripen, felt it was such a waste throwing them away yesterday.

makespacenow, Mar 7, 12:59am
Never ever throw away anything (home grown stuff) - chances are there is a recipe out there. Remember our ancestors couldn't just pop to a supermarket or throw things out.
That tomato chutney above is excellent in toasted sandwich with ham and tasty cheese! Or even as a sauce to cook chicken pieces in. I actually prefer it to the red tomato one and deliberately pick the tomatoes green!

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