Green Tomato Chutney

victrieve, Mar 26, 11:58pm
I have just made ten jars of chutney from the Edmonds recipe but still have loads of green tomatoes to use. Can anyone please suggest an alternative recipe so that I have a variation?

motorbo, Mar 27, 12:03am
this is yummy

Green tomato pickle
6lb green tomatoes
2lb onions
2lb sugar
4 level tablespoos flour
2 level tablespoonsof curry powder
2 oz salt
6 chillies
2 level dessertspoons mustard powder
Water and vinegar

Peel the onions, chop onions and tomatoes small, sprinkle with salt and stand overnight, pour the brine away in the morning. Place the tomatoes and onions in a pan and barely cover with vinegar mix the mustard and curry into a paste with some of the vinegar and add with the sugar and chillies to the tomato/ onion mix. Boil for ½ hour, make a paste with the flour and some water and stir into the pickle, boil for 10 mins.

timturtle, Apr 14, 9:04pm
Motorbo does your recipe thicken up on aging ? It seems very runny at the moment TIA

timturtle, Apr 14, 11:28pm
can anyone else help with my question ? Thanks

harrislucinda, Feb 1, 8:50am
I haveagreentomatochcoclatecake

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