Green tomato pickle too vinegary....

mazzy1, Jun 15, 1:42am
Can it be fixed somehow? I just opened a new jar, one of 10 - it's a little bland and overly vinegary. Is it possible to add something and boil it up again? I'm not even sure what it needs - maybe more brown sugar or something. Bah, humbug. Any suggestions?

indy95, Jun 15, 5:14am
Mazzy1, I'm assuming you have made the picklequite recently. If so, I suggest you just leave it for several months as most pickles seem to develop a milder, less vinegary flavour as they mature. The same thing happened when I made a batch of pear chutney earlier this year and I really thought nobody would ever eat it but three months on the flavour has really improved. If you still don't like it later on you can always add some sugar and extra seasoning to each jar as it is opened.

mazzy1, Jun 15, 5:33am
Oh - hopefully you are right! I did make it in mid-April. Hey - I'm a Gemini and not very good at waiting for anything... lol. I'll take your advice and leave it for a bit then. Thanks for getting back to me.

bearskin, Jun 16, 12:17am
If you did want to have some right now, you could tip a jar or two into a saucepan and just add more ingredients to counterbalance the vinegar - like onion and sugar... If you leave the rest until, say, Christmas, it should be yummy with your Xmas Ham.

guest, Jan 11, 4:34pm
Ya learn soitnhmeg new everyday. It's true I guess!

guest, Jan 13, 5:41pm
hi, although i like coommn sense in recreating 1000 island dressing, i myself recently created a simple version of 1000 island dressing using 3 ingredients i had on hand. the beautiful organic iceberg lettuce ,my version of 1000 island dressing-a cup or as much as need of veganaise mayo,a few squirts of heinz organic ketchup,and a tbl. or so of eden organic stoneground brown mustard w/ apple cider vinegar. stir well, and enjoy! Tip- can also be used as a coleslaw dressing as is or if you like it more tart add lil fresh lemon juice; lil sweeter-lil honey; lil zing-add few pinches of celery seed(whole),or all these to make a traditional,sweeter and zesty coleslaw dressing!

guest, Jan 14, 11:14am
that'll make a serious load of piklced carrots. I actually just started pickling this year but only used a pre made dill mixture for my pickles and carrot. To tell the truth, I am not impressed with the results and know that any fresh recipe would undoubtdly produce a better product. But its sifting through all the old grandma recipes to find the best one. trial and error i suppose. im sure in ten or fifteen years, I'll be making great pickles.

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