Making plum wine for the first time.

nzoomed, Feb 12, 9:43am
Im not sure if ive done things wrong, ive got a few satsuma plums on our tree that i thought i would try winemaking, instead of going to waste.
Im used to doing it with grapes, but i did it in a similar way and crushed all the plums to pulp and started fermentation, however, they produce a huge amount of must, only about 1/3 of the total contents appears to be plum juice, is there any better way to seperate the juice, as i would like to fill my cask with more juice to be made into wine if possible. TIA

pickles7, Feb 12, 6:22pm

pickles7, Feb 18, 7:24pm
how is your wine coming on!.nzoomed

nzoomed, Feb 18, 9:03pm
its fermenting well, there's that many recipies out there i dont know what's the best, i strained off all the must and added more plum juice, ive added a couple of cups of sugar to help the yeast along, then i can add sugar according to what alcohol level i want with a hydrometer, and then you are supposed to leave it for a year with plums and then sweeten to taste it seems.

pickles7, Feb 19, 1:38am
I am making wine out of a bottle of apple juice at the moment. I was going to turn it into vinegar, but right now it is so nice it will be bottled as wine. It is still fermenting. I small bottle I saved from an accident, has 1 fruit fly floating in it, I am waiting for that to turn to vinegar, but the fruit fly must of had clean feet, nothing is happening there yet.

theboss17, Feb 19, 2:24am
how do you make wine from abottleof apple juice

pickles7, Feb 19, 2:45am
I will go take a pic now and post it.

nzoomed, Feb 19, 4:15am
Do you know how to clear cloudy wine! i have a batch of grape wine from last year and did a silly thing and left it in the hot water cupboard instead of moving it to a cool place, the wine was initially clear, but turned cloudy over the year, i put some finings in the wine, but its still rather cloudy, however the wine actually tastes rather good, so i wish to keep it, is it possible to put it through filter paper of some kind!

pickles7, Feb 19, 4:34am
Take a look in here, great place for a start.

punkinthefirst, Feb 19, 9:15am
Another great site, with loads of recipes and help :-

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