Help please regarding wedding cake

janet66, Feb 9, 7:09pm
Hello, I am going make my brother in law a wedding cake and would like to know the following:How far in advance should I make it!Do I need to ice and decorate it once its cooled or can I do this a day or two beforehand.Has anyone used the Edmonds fruit cake recipe and is it really nice!Thanks.

fifie, Feb 9, 7:46pm
Can't help with the edmonds recipe sorry ive never made it,this link is helpful with some great tips, scroll down till you find the kind of icing you want to do, or have a look around it. Really depends what you want to make, fruit cake and fondant you doin advance, details go on last few days before hand, cakes with butter cream etc get made later and iced at last minute., hope this helps.!lid=hp_promo&lpos=decorating101

kiwibubbles, Feb 9, 9:15pm
I always make the edmonds fruit cake (am assuming you mean the dark fruit cake recipe cos i think there's two) for our christmas cake and its delicious - everyone loves it. I usually make it in October for Christmas, and cover with icing two weeks prior to christmas

biggles45, Feb 9, 9:26pm
Yep, fruit cake should be made well in advance to allow to mature. Store upside down and drizzle brandy over about once a week. Ice it the way it is stored, ie the bottom becomes the top, so that you have a really flat surface to ice. I usually marzipan/almond paste it about 2 weeks before wedding, let marzipan dry, then ice a week or so before wedding if using royal icing, and add a little lemon juice to stop it yellowing if they want to keep a tier for christening or anniversary etc.

janet66, Feb 10, 12:20am
Thanks everyone.Better get baking.

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