Do you roast your peanuts before using them

libra29, Feb 4, 12:13am
in peanut biscuits! I want to make some peanut cookies but not sure if to use them how I bought them or not. TIA for your advice

thelaw014, Feb 4, 12:22am
Yes, I always dry roast my peanuts first, them rub them to get as much of the skins off as possible. Just reckon they taste heaps better.

uli, Feb 4, 12:31am
If they are raw I would roast them as they are quite poisonous raw. Not sure how much heat they would get in a cookie and if the time would be long enough.

greerg, Feb 4, 6:57am
Wow !- my kids have survived a lot of poisonous peanuts.

kay141, Feb 4, 7:04am
So have generations of my family. We have eaten them in baking and raw. Mum used to buy them in the shell, we ate them and the shells went on the compost.

wheelz, Feb 4, 8:26am
Maybe uli should have explained better.They may be contaminated with a mold, called aspergillus flavus, creating aflatoxin, which is a carcinogen. It I advised to avoid long term or large quantities of raw nuts. A handful of raw peanuts a couple times a week, won't expose your body to enough Aflatoxin to cause harm.

uli, Feb 4, 8:34am
Maybe too lots of people do not realize that peanuts in their shells are actually roasted before they are sold in NZ - LOL :) So what your mum bought kay141 was not RAW peanuts, but peanuts roasted in their shells.

RAW peanuts - the ones that will germinate - are not very common in NZ, but you can get them sometimes.

If raw - and you eat them you will definitely notice LOL!

And yes wheelz - the aflatoxins are another matter . they will kill your liver over time if you eat heaps. So if you are a peanut butter fan - give your liver a break every so often especially if you drink alcohol as well.

kay141, Feb 4, 8:45am
More than 50 years ago, they were raw peanuts and they are still available unroasted. I think I have been round long enough to know the difference and yes, as children we sprouted them. Never ate those one though. Check on here for raw peanuts.
And in our family, raw peanuts has always been used for baking and we roasted our own.

uli, Feb 4, 8:48am
kay141 - I am feeling privileged that you answer my posts. Since I ate raw peanuts in Greece many years ago I know what they do to you LOL.

I also grow my own - so I know how they look - and I do not buy them in a shop either - so you go for it girl . good luck!

jessie981, Feb 4, 8:48am
yes, put in oven while it's heating up then add.

kay141, Feb 4, 7:52pm
I'm not sure what eating peanuts in Greece many years ago or even growing your own (been there, done that) has to do with the the poisonous qualities of peanuts but this website may be a help to those with questions.!tname=foodspice&dbid=101

Some interesting comments about pickled food as well.

emmbee, Feb 4, 8:12pm
Gosh, how trends change. When I had my first child (46yrs ago) I was told(by plunket) to eat heaps of raw peanuts (and I did every day) to enrich my milk. My son thrived really well, despite his poops being just like peanut butter, lol.