Unsalted and salted peanuts

omokoroa1, Sep 27, 10:47pm
can somebody tell me what the difference is when doing baking with unsalted peanuts and salted

sarahb5, Sep 27, 10:49pm
The salt is pretty much the difference

omokoroa1, Sep 27, 10:52pm

rainrain1, Sep 27, 11:43pm
The taste would be the only difference

sarahb5, Sep 28, 12:59am
Well what did you expect!If you make something sweet with salted peanuts then you probably be able to taste the extra salt, if you were making something savoury then you might not.

nfh1, Sep 28, 1:00am
Are salted ones sprayed with fat!

buzzy110, Sep 28, 1:03am
Also depends on whether your unsalted ones are raw, blanched and skinned or roasted - skin left on or off. Each one has a slightly different flavour. Roasting brings out the oil and they taste better than raw imo. Salted peanuts are usually always roasted so the salt will stick to them, never blanched or raw.

vintagekitty, Sep 28, 1:14am
I made peanut brownies with salted nuts by accident, and they were foul. Not even the birds ate them!

elliehen, Sep 28, 1:34am
Most roasted nuts have oil added (maybe not dry-roasted!) andwill have an antioxidant added to stop the oil going off.Countdown has large bags of Australian raw almonds at a good price, and the ingredients label on the raw ones says 100% almonds, but the roasted ones have 99% or somesuch.

omokoroa1, Sep 28, 1:42am
ty 7,8,9,
vintagei think you have answered the question .i wanted to make butterscotch peanut slice later today i only have salted and it asks for unsaltedand we are not close enough to a shop to buy
will bag that idea till 2morro ty

prawn_whiskas, Sep 28, 1:46am
So put them in a sieve and run them briefly under some hot water to wash off the oil and salt.

Simple! Plain roasted nuts for your dish.

buzzy110, Sep 28, 2:15am
Snap. If this had been explained in the beginning we could have gone directly to the most helpful answer.

rainrain1, Sep 28, 4:34am
They would still have a salty flavour through the nuts

prawn_whiskas, Sep 28, 7:13pm
Errrrrr no they dont! I've done it many times in my legume eating days.They just taste like a roasted nut.

rainrain1, Sep 28, 7:36pm
ohhh I dunno about that

lilyfield, Sep 28, 8:07pm
I buy salted nuts because they are usually cheaper. Just rinse the salt off for the muesli or any sweet dish. No problem!

rainrain1, Sep 28, 8:18pm
yes lol I would do the same thing myself.but only out of desperation