Eta dry roasted peanuts??

iriegirl, Oct 11, 10:32pm
Please help! I can't eat them any more cos of a peanut allergy but can eat small amounts of other nuts but want to dry roast them to taste like the eta ones! Any thoughts/ideas/recipes?

fisher, Oct 11, 10:40pm
sounds like the allergy may be the coating ingredients the eta nuts have on them if you can eat other nuts... ???

lilyfield, Oct 11, 11:34pm
not necessarily fisher, I can eat all nuts in any way-except for Brazil nuts that I am allergic to

obviousas, Oct 12, 12:51am
If u do not mind using a microwave, I have tried roasting all sorts of nuts in it.

Pumpkin or sunflower seed. Spread the seeds on a plate and put in for 45 sec. (I am using a 1200 kW output oven) at full power. Take it out and stir it so than it is evenly cooked and put it on for another 45 sec. Do it a few more times at 30 sec, stirring each time.

It works with peanuts, almonds and hazelnuts. You can add flavouring like salt, honey, curry powder or a combination. If you do not know the power of your microwave, increase or decrease the time of each cooking session.

I also use the convection oven successfully. Normally after a baking session and turning off the oven. Again take out the nuts every 10 or 15 minutes from the turn off oven. I sometimes continue after another baking session or if I was impatient reheat the oven to complete roasting. Roasting nuts, I use a temperature of 180 degrees C but only 2 or 3 minutes, taking it to stir and move the nuts around.

Peanuts at 180 degrees will cook in12 minutes, taking the tray out at least thrice for stirring.

clair4, Oct 12, 2:46am
I also use the microwave.I buy a packet of budget plain peanuts with the skin off and put them in a large jug and cook for 3 minutes, stirring after 2 minutes.They are no nice and if you want them a little darker, just microwave a little longer but be careful that they do not burn.I also use a 1200 watt microwave.I am going to do my xmas baking nuts the same way.They are yummy in peanut brownies.

obviousas, Oct 12, 3:43am
Opps. I use a 1200 W output oven.

cookessentials, May 24, 7:17am
I adore tamari roasted almonds from Moore Wilson, quite delicious.