Handy Hint from Supermarket Docket, didn't know

jessie981, Jan 15, 5:49am
Add Baking Soda to water when hard boiling eggs & shell will come off easily.

uli, Jan 15, 5:52am
Ahhh - did you try it!

I did - and believe me if the eggs are only a few days old it doesn't matter WHAT you do - they are very hard to come off.

So for fresh eggs it is poaching or frying or omelettes or coddling.

But not boiling in the shell!

bunny51, Jan 15, 5:59am
I tried it too with limited success LOL. (I actually found by accident that it is easier for me to remove the shell by rolling the egg till the shell is cracked all over then it seems to peel easier.)

jessie981, Jan 15, 5:59am
No uli, haven't. Only saw on my docket today.

1buzemum, Jan 15, 6:52am
Ha ha they just want you to buy more baking soda, good ploy ah ;-)

uli, Jan 16, 4:06am
Hehe - you could be right there!

wasgonna, Jan 16, 8:57am
Correct. Bang egg on bench to start the crack then cupping your hand over the egg roll along with enough pressure to continue cracking shell for easy removal.

mwood, Jan 16, 7:25pm
. . . then put them back in the saucepan of cold water (you did run cold water over them !) and take them out 1 by 1 to peel.

ldbaqbeak, Jan 16, 7:44pm
Take them from boiling water to cold water.
It helps.

jessie981, Jan 17, 4:30am
This is the method I use.

uli, Jan 17, 4:54am
All works great if eggs are older than 10 days. And that is what you get in supermarkets. If you have your own - you KNOW that nothing works if they are less than a week old LOL :)

darlingmole, Jan 17, 5:12am
re baking soda ~ try this for a very effective exofoliant:

1 or 2 tspns of baking soda mixed to a paste, rub gentley on face (not eye area), throat, decolatage . it feels like very fine grit and your skin feels like velvet afterwards.My 18 yr old daughter put me onto this . love a frugal way of doing things!

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