NZ equivalent to these cookies please.

wineo, Jan 6, 9:22pm
American recipie using Bisoff Cookies. TIA

margyr, Jan 6, 9:32pm
hi there, have you spelt it right! I googled and came up with the following Biscoff cookies are actually brandedBelgian biscuits called speculoos, but if you have spelt it right I will text an American friend of mine and ask her.

wineo, Jan 6, 10:18pm
thanks, no I spelt it wrong, so does nz have a belgian biscuit or speculoos equivalent

daleaway, Jan 6, 10:33pm
Speculaas in Dutch. You can buy them at Dutch shops and sometimes elsewhere, especially at this time of the year as they are a Christmas biscuit.
The nearest NZ equivalent was the old Dutch Mill biscuits that Griffins used to make. Not available now.
Wiki has a piccy:

ace441, Jan 6, 10:53pm
If you can be bothered here is a recipe for speculoos biscuits -

sarahb5, Jan 6, 11:45pm
Countdown has a Dutch brand in their international section

wineo, Jan 7, 12:38am
Thanks all for your help and advice

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