No Bake Ginger Cookies

novices, Jun 22, 7:01am
Anyone have the recipe please from Mindfood magazine 2009

cookessentials, Jun 22, 10:25pm
I went on to the mindfood site and put in a search for no bake giger cookies. The link is below if you want to scroll through their recipes to see if it is there.

cookessentials, Jun 23, 3:03am
Did you find the recipe?

novices, Jun 23, 4:16am
No luck and did do a lot of searching, thank you

kay141, Jun 23, 7:32am
I like the sound of those. Perhaps the magazine would be available at your library. I know our main one has that magazine and I suspect they go back several years. Alternatively, you could try asking Mindfood from the website.

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