Breadmaker recipe wtd- banana bread

kiwitel, Dec 15, 10:57pm
Does any one have a lovely banana bread recipe!I have gone through the recipes in the manual that came with the breadmaker and there are none in there. I have a breville BB380.
I found an old thread but the ingredient amount / type seem so different to others in the manual. They had eggs- can you add eggs to the breadmaker! In my manual they never do.I have only made 2plain loaves before and had some bananas which I would love to try and use in a loaf. I have also googled the web but am not sure which ones work and are nice. Anyhelp appreciated.

harrislucinda, Dec 16, 1:20am
ihavebananaandpecanbreadiguessyoucanleaveout thenutsandyesdoeshaveaneggin

kiwitel, Dec 16, 2:31am
Can I find the recipe somewhere! Would love to try it.

harrislucinda, Dec 16, 3:22am
1cup mashedbanana

setonto yeastfree

kiwitel, Dec 16, 4:10am
Thank you. I will try it.