Anyone got an easy Banana bread/loaf recipe

jills3, Jun 3, 6:47am
As I got a large bag of bananas out of the bargin bin for $1, have had bananas on toast for breakfast, bananas on bread for lunch, thanks so much.

245sam, Jun 3, 6:55am
jills3, how about you freeze some of those bananas? They could be frozen as is (skin and all) or if you'd like to use them for smoothies, cut them into chunks and free-flow the chunks then use them whilst still frozen, or if the bananas are 'squishy' mash them and freeze them in suitable sized lots for baking. The banana loaf recipe that I always use can be found at:- php? f=15&t=613&

Look for the heading "Banana Loaf / Cake - the recipe I always use:" - a yummy easy recipe that can be used buttered, unbuttered, as a cake, or as a dessert.

Hope that helps. :-))

jills3, Jul 3, 11:08am
Thank you so very much 245sam, I really appreciate your reply.