Gluten free baking powder.

edlin, Dec 13, 7:23pm
Is Edmonds gluten free! I tip mine into a tin when I open a new packet so I do not have the box to read the ingredients and am wanting to do some baking for a visitor who is coming for two weeks at Christmas

elsielaurie1, Dec 13, 7:54pm
I just did a google search for Edmonds Baking Powder. There is one. If you still have the packet compare it with the ones shown on the web page.I'm also looking for one so this has helped me in my search as well.:-}

red2, Dec 13, 7:57pm
I have the box of Edmonds baking powder - it says on the front of the box it is gluten free

red2, Dec 13, 8:00pm
also says on their website nil gluten detected in the nutrional info section

edlin, Dec 13, 8:23pm
Thank you everyone.I want to be careful so thanks for the help.

fishnwally, Dec 13, 9:45pm
Yes edmonds baking powder is gluten free

craftylady1, Dec 13, 10:22pm
I was very relieved when I found out it was GF